Obama's Faith: Rumor vs. Reality

Beliefnet answers your questions about Barack Obama's faith, including rumors about Islam, his church, and his upbringing.


02/20/2012 10:24:04 PM

If it acts like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck - it must be a duck!


08/19/2010 07:42:19 PM

"I AM Jesus Said": Are there any sinners in the church now? Is homosexuality the only sin in need of repentence?


08/19/2010 07:34:51 PM

BSSongbird, Not you too! He spoke of his grandmother during the campaign. Didn't you witness him crying, speaking dearingly of her. Some of you posters believe what you wish to hear, with itching ears and scripture explains it. If he's the anti-christ, where's his mortal head wound or when did he miraculously heal from it. And what crowns has he worn? Before you or anyone else begin to label someone as an anti-christ, I suggest you find out more about who and what the anti-christ is. Ya' throw that term/label out here so loosely.


08/19/2010 07:25:29 PM

Kalola: Were you also afraid when Bush began what resulted in alot of the current mess? As for the anti-Christ, I suspect you don't even know what or who he is. And I've viewed him wearing a flag pin on many occassions. Come on, what's your real problem? Why do you follow along the media hype and spin like an aimless sheep. And in his campaign statement, he never said he believes in abortion. He indicated he's against it but that it's a matter for the individual. And nobody is asking or demanding that you go along with him. That's why you're free to vote for who you wish. It won't be your fault on who gets elected if your choice doesn't win. It's the fault of those that didn't vote for their party's nomination due to their lack of enthusiasm, that resulted in Obama winning. Meaning Republicans didn't turn out in strong numbers to support McCain/Palin. Don't you see? One more thing...scripture describes the anti-christ as a beast that has ten crowns on his head. This nation never had a king or queen that wore any form of crown, which should be a clue to you as to where this beast-anti-christ would rise up from. Clearly not from America. Now the next beast, who's described without crowns, but follows after the first beast and forces all to worship the anti-christ? That's another story. Study you bible instead of relying on Hollywood type movies.


08/05/2009 08:11:40 PM

Praying for our president is the change we really need: http://obamaprayers.blogspot.com


04/25/2009 12:04:25 PM

Anyone can claim they are Christian. STanding in a garage does not make you a car....simply sitting in church does not make one a Christian. You must put your faith into action. His actions are anything but Christian. His views on abortion go against everything in scripture. Christ said in all things to honor Him. Obama does not do this. He has thought about being president for years and has been preparing for it. People say and do things in order to get what they want. As for Rev. Wright......well we say what he said and did. The fact that Obama calls him uncle....and sits and listens to Wrights hatred of America and Whites.......tells it all. Obama is the master deceiver.


12/25/2008 10:12:11 AM

You fight the War on Terror NOW...over there....or LATER....over here!


11/02/2008 02:58:08 AM

I am WAY more afraid of what the Republicans will continue to do to our country. The Constitution has been raped and pillaged; 1000s of people have died due to a war waged under false pretenses; your rights are gone and you can be listened in on without a warrant; you can be held indefinitely without a trial; even if you are acquitted at a trial, you can continue to be held; you can be tortured to unload what you know. However all of the so called bad things about Obama have been spread by emails and false advertising. Everything can be checked out but few do so because they are so fearful. The antiChrist is a Myth, not a reality. This assertion is coming from a devout Christian who fears what the Republicans can continue to do to us. God thank you for sending a real Christian who respect all people to lead us in this new era. Amen


10/05/2008 02:01:18 AM

I am very afraid about what Obama can and will do to our country. He scares me, I think he's the antichrist, coming to destroy us. His proposals are really not sound. He doesn't have the American peoples best interest at heart. He won't even wear a flag pin, what does that say? As a christian he believes in abortion? I'm sorry, I can't go along with him.


08/30/2008 09:55:54 AM

I believe OBAMA is truly trieng to appease all sides which is very difficult not to disclued anyone including nonbelievers.Its impossible to reprisent everyone especialy when you dont share the same values,i support him for being more intuned with the needs of our country(not to judge but to vote)


06/30/2008 08:19:55 PM

I like the man,however I dont believe he has sufficiently explained his church's support of the hatred of America? Of lies perpetuated there, and for his staying in Rev Wrights church, until he became a viable Presidential candidate. What I find so amazing is, how quickly this spotlight on his spiritual character, has been so easily dismissed. How can you attend a church that preaches hate America fist? Whose statements that the government intentionally produced the HIV virus to hold black people down? And who baptised his innocent children such a hate filled atmosphere say now, that he never knew his church's intenions after being there for over 20 years? If nothing else, wouldnt one just out of reason, have to question his judgement if not his character?


06/12/2008 02:36:46 PM

has anybody heard that he MAY be the antichrist??? people just seem to follow him blindly, he never EVER speaks about his WHITE mother always a change to be treated equally,which i am all i n favor of,but one way or another, that will happen way on down the line when most of the truely racist people(black and white) have died out. what happened to his "american" name? wasnt it barry?? he needs to come clean with everything that he feels, who knows if he will or not. the whole situation worries me a lot, when people just follow without him having enough experience,etc. we need someone who will help get this great nation back on its feet.... who knows who is the right one?


06/05/2008 08:44:52 AM

I believe that to much has been stated about his beliefs. Yes, I do believe that he is a true Christian whatever that may be. This man is carrying a very heavy burden on his shoulders. At this time, he needs our prays more than criticism. Yes, he may be inexperienced but he is not looking at what he can do. He is actually given the power of the government back to the people. He is not the first black president. He is the first bi-racial president. And of course, many Black Americans are biracial. We just accepted the name Black Americans. Let us pray for the man and hopefully Hilary Clinton tells the many white racist who voted for her to get on board and support Obama and that they should put their racism behind them.


05/20/2008 05:57:37 PM

I can understand how he did not realize the reckless nature of his pastor's minister until reflecting on it later because i was raised in the Nation of Islam and didn't think about the more harmful anti-American, kill-the-devil "lessons" we recited daily in NOI schools until I was an adult reflecting on the whole experience. Growing up in it, I only felt the love of the men and women around me believing in service and self-discipline. I only felt the pride of what we did in the community - offering wholesome foods at restaurants and bakeries, teaching men entreprenuership, teaching women domestic skills. Ithought nothing of what we recited in our classrooms. see more on my webpage at www.sonsyrea.com. I'm sure once Obama was away from the church, looking at its total package he must have had some reservations about some of the teachings.


05/04/2008 05:41:27 PM

While a person's religious preference and practice is supposed to be personal, we cannot exclude the fact that many people's decision-making processes are shaped by their religious exposure. IF we are to advance this country, and this world, into the future, we must prepare it for diversity. We are not alone in the universe and we should start acting that way. FEAR has been used as a building block of society for far too long. I welcome a new direction for politics in America. Still, it will all be paid for by the corporations. So it is there choice, ultimately, that will elect our next president. And you can be sure it won't be Barack. He thinks for himself too much. He is not the collection plate that McCain or Hillary is. Then again, why can't we have a Kucinich or a Nader or a Perot as President? Oh Yeah, they hate corporate hegemony. Peace


05/03/2008 10:19:32 PM

Obama is NOT a black seperatist!!!! The most we MIGHT be able to say is that his ex-pastor (a man whose views Obama has denounced) is a racist. If we are looking at guilt by association lets look an McCain's ties to John Hagee and his anti-catholic views.


05/03/2008 10:36:28 AM

Obama is the most dangerous person to EVER get this close to the Presidency. His black separatist views coupled with his leftist philosophy spells doom for the American way of life if elected. He has spent 2 years of his BRIEF three years as Senator running for this office. He is inexperienced, inept and LOST unless he's reading from a prepared script. God help us if this imposter makes it to the most powerful position in the world!


03/21/2008 06:10:48 PM

I think it is a good thing to understand what Mr. Obama will tolerate, for example, from the minister Jeremiah Wright. Obama has been in the Senate for two years; he is going to change Washington. That is a noble aspiration to which he arises. I believe he does not yet know Washington, D.C.


03/17/2008 08:58:03 PM

Beautifully said, christina427! I couldn't agree more! And for the record, I am a white, 47 year old woman from OHIO! So regardless of what the 'media' says, none of this latest info regarding his pastor has scared me away from Obama. I appreciate how he handles every situation, it's his character, not just his speeches, that I admire.


03/16/2008 07:53:10 PM

I don't really care what religion a candidate follows, or if they are an atheist or agnostic. It has nothing to do with how she/he runs the country. As President, the priority is the country, not some supreme being.

i am jesus said

03/16/2008 04:01:48 AM

if obama is a christian... does he believe in abortion and does his paster 'jeremiah wright' believe that its ok for homosexuals to be in the christian church and not repent of their sin.


03/14/2008 07:42:31 AM

Jesus said you can tell a tree from its fruit and tell a person's character from their actions. Barack Obama is a brilliant graduate of Harvard Law Review and could have earned millions at a Wall Street firm but chose to work as a community organizer alongside people who had lost their jobs. He is a man of deep faith unbeholden to the powerful forces that are strangling our democracy, because unlike Clinton or McCain he has taken NO money from lobbyists, NONE. He is being supported by millions of Americans with $25 donations. Americans like me, a 60-year-old white woman and a Christian. Much has been made of his name, but I've not seen anyone note that Barack means "blessing." If America doesn't lose its soul to those who would frighten and divide and conquer us for their own greedy gain, and we have the courage to fight our despair and cynicism and believe in our OWN power to bring about change, we will elect the one person who can lead us out of this long dark night, and we will indeed be blessed.


03/12/2008 10:05:58 AM

its hard to know what Barack obama is or what he stands for but he surely can give some lovely speeches.however we have heard it all before. promises don't cut it.the world ins in such a mess now only the lords 2ndcoming can straighten the mess. out. you don't really believe that obama can really bring about all the changes he talks about do you?i don't. i see no choices in the election this time around so i choose not to vote period.


03/12/2008 03:58:58 AM

To akuara13 - Kennedy was the first Catholic president - I was around then and a VERY big deal was made about it. The argument was the Pope would really be running the White House. And so it goes: An Iman will run Obama, Hillary is a nice mainline Methodist and can run herself and God help us all if McCain gets to run things.


03/10/2008 12:26:32 AM

frgough Clearly you have NEVER been to a United Church of Christ. You could not be further from the mark in your remarks! Don't speak from ignorance, but try working from some experience. Only then will you stand a chance of being taken seriously.


03/09/2008 11:29:52 PM

Obama is telling the truth about his faith. I find it insulting to doubt people's faith when they say they belong to one particular religion. I am a christian myself and my believes are very important to me, just as I believe other people's faith are important to them.


03/07/2008 10:52:36 PM

As a pastor within the UCC, educated in Chicago, I speak from personal experience. I have worshipped at Trinity UCC. It is a spirit-filled, joyful home to Christ's church, and anyone is welcome to visit or belong. While in seminary, I did worship there, and I found it a warm, welcoming place. There is no doubt about it as both Christian and Afrocentric. But then, I can't wait for St. Patrick's Day, and I'm not Catholic. But I am Irish!


03/06/2008 01:21:59 PM

Pastor Dan has cured others of their ignorance about UCC before.


03/06/2008 01:12:12 PM

frgough, I suggest you go and tell Pastor Dan Schultz who runs the blog Street Prophets that the UCC is black supremist. That would be really amusing to watch a white UCC pastor tell you the blunt truth of the whole thing. Shekah


03/06/2008 01:08:28 PM

mariaminpakistan, I suggest that you not be facetious about such things. Your religion is sacred. And there are plenty of people who are misled enough by hate radio to think you are not being facetious at all. Personally I have known a few Muslims. The ones I have known are sweet and peaceful people. But remember, in the double-speak of this current administration, peace might mean terrorist. Shekah


03/06/2008 11:13:30 AM

I was being facetious, at least partially, when I made the remark about us Muslims being terrorists. Only partially because I know personally of people who believe I'm a terrorist just because I am Muslim. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


03/06/2008 11:01:57 AM

frgough, "Pride in your heritage is not racism. Calling for black separatism is." His Church has not called for that. "Dealing face on with ugliness is a sign of maturity." Thanks. The bearing of false witness is one such "ugliness". And I'll continue to confront it whenever I see/read/hear it.


03/06/2008 10:53:03 AM

frgough, "The truth is Obama's church is black supremacist, and his step father was a practicing muslim." That is NOT "the truth", frgough, and I suspect you know that. The United Church of Christ is NOT a black supremacist church. The pastor of this particular congregation happened to have given some kind of an award to a person (Farrakhan) who holds racist views. Obama has denounced that act, and rightly so. And if you do, indeed, not personally "care that Barak's stepfather was muslim", why on earth did you raise it here? What does the religion of a candidate's step-father have to do with a candidate's views and policies?


03/06/2008 10:48:15 AM

"Why does it matter whether Obama is a Muslim? Why is everyone bending over backwards to say he isn't?" You answered the first question (partly) in your own post, mariaminpakistan: "Muslims, obviously, are the typhoid Mary of politics." As for your second question, the answer is, because it ISN'T true! Thanx 4 askin'.


03/06/2008 10:23:50 AM

Bristlecone Pride in your heritage is not racism. Calling for black separatism is. Dealing face on with ugliness is a sign of maturity. Obama's church is a racist church. Deal with it.


03/06/2008 04:07:18 AM

Hey Peter, NAFTA and everythingelse are small issues in a presidency race. I don't know much about.What freaks me out is a Bush follow up(McCain) who is going to kill more of our young men and wage more wars.I feel more safe with Obama. Mrs Clinton is a nice lady but I dont think she is capable of bringing peace to our country.Either she might wage more war to proove herself strong or she might just prepare speeches and smile. McCain looks very much like Bush giving speeches,not very promising.Obama has a very powerful presence and looks like he can hold this country and a strong figure for the rest of the world to look upto America.We are a democratic nation, prooving that no mater what race or religion we are from bieng an American is what we stand for in all colors and diversities.Also making people from all denomination proud being in this great land.


03/05/2008 06:41:10 PM

Where did pride in African American heritage turn into racism? I am proud of being part Irish. Does that make me a racist? Anyways there are churches which are exclusively white, and there have been presidents who owned slaves. The other side is really okay I guess. McCain wants us to be in Iraq for another hundred years. He has admitted that publicly. He is into occupying a foreign country we invaded illegally for years. While I believe in fixing it because we broke it, that is not what he is referring to. Shekah


03/05/2008 02:37:27 PM

Kareena says in this post that Obama is a good candidate. He states one of the reasons is that he is honest. Really? During one of his last debates with Mrs. Clinton, Obama said he was against NAFTA and would dismantle it. After that debate, the nation of Canada was very upset as they are one-third of this agreement and they provide us MOST of the oil we use as a nation. Apparently Obama's people got on the phone to the Canadian government and said that Obama really didn't mean that, he just had to say it to the American people to get elected. Then Obama and his people tried to deny the call to Canada. Too bad the minister to whom they spoke has a record of the call. Obama lies just like any other politician trying to get elected. And that is just the latest lie I have heard and I'm sure it won't be the last. Obama is just another politician who lacks the experience and character to be the leader of the free world.


03/05/2008 02:16:49 PM

Truth is truth, Bristlecone. The truth is Obama's church is black supremacist, and his step father was a practicing muslim. To you, the above doesn't matter because you think McCain is pure evil. Personally, I don't care that Barak's stepfather was muslim. I do, however, care that he embraces a racist church.


03/05/2008 01:34:20 PM

I believe Obama is a very good candidate.He could be able to help us get out of the mess Bush got us into.I don't think being a Muslim or not, changes his other values.I think he is honest, has a good character,who our kids can look upto as an example.He is different from the other greedy candidates slinging mud on him and doing whatever possible to win this election. I think we Americans should wake up and start thinking.I stand for Obama and Obama should decide what faith he wants to follow.There is only One God.


03/05/2008 01:18:40 PM

Why does it matter whether Obama is a Muslim? Why is everyone bending over backwards to say he isn't? Muslims, obviously, are the typhoid Mary of politics. No one wants to be one (except for Congressman Keith Ellison, and look at the flak he got for swearing his oath of office on a Holy Quran) or be associated with the religion. Of course, this is because we Muslims are terrorists. :)


03/05/2008 09:00:07 AM

To be honest I don't know what else to say about 2008's election's anymore. I am not to supportive with Obama and his anti-pledging the allegiance flag issues nor these rumors about his Muslim ways, but I am also not really supportive with Clinton's ways either...What this nation really needs besides prayers and for the lord to come back is a good strong president to lead this nation that is all I have to say about this....


03/05/2008 03:22:45 AM

I am so glad to hear so many wise people here supporting Obama. Its so sad these false rumors have started about him. He's such an authentic person with such a GOOD intention for America. We haven't had this in so long!! God bless the US! AMEN


03/04/2008 11:25:40 AM

Truth is truth, frgough. I would rather have Obama than McCain who would just attack another innocent country in his quest to never attack al Quaeda but say he is. Where are our values? Shekah


03/04/2008 10:43:30 AM

I love the leading question "False rumors." Come one Belief Net. Is this a journalistic piece, or a reprint of an Obama marketing release?


03/04/2008 10:41:39 AM

Translation: Barak's church is black supremicist. His stepfather was a practicing Muslim though not particularly devout. The question is: Is this important to you?


03/04/2008 12:13:49 AM

PS...Namaste and Blessings to all :)


03/04/2008 12:11:08 AM

What I don't understand is what all the drama is about. First of all, the church he belongs to is in an ALL Black community. I don't see what the problem with uplifting your community is. And as far as the Muslim "allegations", so what?! I thought this country was founded on FREEDOM. Someone yells Muslim and it seems to me that people scream in horror. We can't pigeon hole every single Muslim as a terrorist, can we? All religions have their skeletons in the closet, and those who claim to have been persecuted against, always seem to forget that they were on the other side at one time doing the persecuting. IMO...Christians and Muslims have more in common than they're willing to admit. I may not have been around for Kennedy and him being the 1st Catholic Prez, but I highly doubt religion has been such a hot topic during these Elections. I think we need to get back to the real issues, like who's going to be the best person to lead this nation out of the complete disaster Bush calls his presidency?


03/03/2008 10:23:27 PM

It appears Sen. Clinton’s oddly worded answer to the question was intended to keep the pot stirred and voters off balance about Obama’s faith ties. Staffers and candidates are not well-appraised of such a simple biographical fact that Obama self-identifies as an active UCC member? In his case the affiliation has been exponentially publicized as controversial rumors about the church and its pastor have been perversely spread. Damage control requires Obama reaffirm his Christian faith further fueling those who de-legitimize American Muslims as patriotic and participating citizens. Where I live in Texas the following is common: “Do you know a good dentist?” “Sure, Dr. So-and-So is a good Christian man.” Point being: around here the connotative qualities of a “good Christian” command a long list and a five-star rating. Barack ‘Hussein’ endorsed by Farrakhan, dressed in traditional African garb while on a visit might be discredited as a national security risk and damned too. She knew what she was saying.


03/03/2008 09:56:40 PM

First let me say this up front, that I am for Obama from the very start of his run. I know he is not a mulsim and he is not a racist. His church is aprt of ucc and they very much a part of the left. i think his church does not do real servent to God only showing God present from Africa face. I think God is beyond race or ethnic hertiage. I think if one listen to message of Jesus by Paul there are not no jews or greeks, male or female all is one with God. Obama has many good ideals and he is black man. We can not forget just over a least 20 years did blacks in most southern states were second class people. Obama is sign of the changing times and if God will he it he be in the white house next jan. I hope it happens, but american is still racist and people still make issue over race sadly. Barkack Obama is human being first and a man and yes a black man at that. It about time for change vote Obama people.