Should Preachers Like Mike Huckabee Run for Public Office?

A Unitarian minister says Americans have always been wary of electing 'reverend politicians,' and for good reason.


01/15/2011 02:58:59 PM

I know, it's now 2011. And I was just looking for info about unitarian universalists. But I found this and it's great!! Good job Forest Church!! I believe, as an Ameirician citizen, you are right!!!


01/02/2008 10:32:04 AM

In my experience, if someone tells you they are a "Good Christian" chances are they are neither. A good Christian lives as such.


01/01/2008 10:04:11 AM

I think an important question for any politician running for any office would be "Is America a Christian Nation?" An affirmative answer would in my view disqualify herm from any office representing all the people. Marginalizing any religious group or groups without a formal religious affiliation may be good politics but if any group is trashed for political advantage the question must be raised of which group is next. Factionalism within Christianity is rampant, and sometimes I think that Southern Baptists are more concerned about other Christian faiths, and Mormons than they are about us atheists. But when a politician says atheists are not real Americans, one has to ask "Who is Next?"