Ron Paul's Christian Values: Pro-Life, Anti-War

The Republican presidential candidate says his opposition to the Iraq war is shaped by his faith. But he's not one to sermonize.


04/16/2009 02:43:54 PM

cjammer also misses the point that Ron Paul doesn't condone those activities. Ron Paul mearly states that it should be left up to the STATES to decide those issues, not the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. There is no basis in the U.S. Constitution that gives the Federal Government the right to decide those issues. The Federal Government is supposed to be very limited and the states are to have the power, so it can be controlled by the people on a more local level. This is now water under the bridge as far as Ron Paul's presidential campaign, but it certainly isn't as far as the results for our nation. It is very critical. Ron Paul is still one of about 2 that are standing for our Constitution and trying to follow what it says. And he has been totally correct on our economy and what needs to be done--abolish the "Federal Reserve" which is destroying our nation. Get back to a sound monetary policy. He also has a son, Rand Paul, that may be running for the Senate soon. He needs to be supported.


02/28/2008 12:39:50 AM

cjammer is the very reason why christianity is losing America. The self rightous judgmental attitude of christians who evidently don't read the bible. Jesus himself didn't condemn a prostitute. Who are you that you think you have the right to judge what the King of Kings did not judge but died for? Ron Paul would free the church to preach again in this country. Christianity can only survive in Liberty. It doesn't survive in countries that have no liberty. The FBI is now working with Pastors in this country. Your liberty is being stollen and you are too judgement to see what is happening.


01/30/2008 10:17:39 PM

Listen very closely to Ron Paul's own words...."I don't care what a person uses his 'freedoms' for..."... He is supported by those who believe that prostitution, obscenity, drugs, child pornography and most other vices should be left as "choice" or "liberty" issues. Would a true Christian take money from a pimp who beats and intimidates the whores into submission and uses murder as a threat to keep them in line? Do you really think these women do this because they enjoy it? If you do you need to speak with law enforcement officers, in Montana and elsewhere, because it is not true. If the woman in the video below would have countered the pimp she may have been missing in action the next day.