Why Black Theology Makes Sense

Obama's pastor's ideas sound racist, but the Bible emphasizes that each ethnic group has a special mission to the world.


12/18/2007 12:54:22 AM

Goodness this is silly. If Africans had not been brought to the United States as slaves, they too would enjoy the knowledge of their ancestry as white Europeans do. History, being different, would allow for churches with names like, the Nigerian Christian Congregation or the Ethiopian . . . and so on as European Christians have with the Greek Orthodox Church, etc. There are many Christian churches that have an emphasis on their European foundations. The Catholic mass was in Latin. The suggestion that a church claiming to be supportive of white values would be called racist is not an apt comparison. Obama’s church mentions Africa and race in the absence of a more complete history of it’s members. Asking Barack to deny that he is black is ridiculous. This is about preserving a cutural heritage, not about separatism.


12/02/2007 10:54:02 PM

Black liberation theology didn't originate in the 1960s. It originated when God called the Israelites out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, and covenanted with them to be their God and to make them His people. James H. Cone didn't "invent" or "create" liberation theology any more than Isaiah invented Messianic prophecy or Paul invented 1st Century Christianity. Dr. Cone, along with other great systematic theologians and prophetic voices over time, simply tried to make sense of the events of his age and his life in terms of the greater theological truths of his religious beliefs. Bringing Christianity theology out of its racist Eurocentric tradition is a good thing, and it's a retrieval of something true that got missed by the racism and cultural elitism that has plagued Christians since the time of Constantine. Cone is following in the tradition of Athanasius and Martin Luther by inviting us to transform our thinking in light of the truth of the Gospel of Christ. Amen.


06/13/2007 08:04:52 PM

How the author degenerated into a discussion that there is a biological basis for the different races is more of a mystery to me than Sen. Obama's spiritual mentor's ideas. What in the world does it have to do with Dr. Cone's statement - to say that Dr. Cone is dangerous because the author (like many others) read more into his language than necessary has nothing to do with Sen. Obama's beliefs. Even Christ said he "came to destroy" which can be scary to someone who is oppressing people, but for someone who is oppressed, those words are music to her ears. Moreover, it really implies that one is bringing about change, which is not something everyone involved would like, but the need is felt by the speaker to express himself firmly and with conviction. In this particular instance, before one can speak intelligently on this subject, and especially about LeRoi Jones and Dr. Cone, one would need to do a lot more research than a cursory glance at a web site. You'd have to read more than a few books.


06/05/2007 07:47:41 PM

And we Christains accuse the Muslims of twisting the words of the Koran. Sometimes I have to wonder who this God is, the words that we mortals state he put in the Bible, full of hatred and division. The more I read the author's article, I couldn't help but think how mortal the quotes sounded. The Rev Wright's message to his members are ones of self reliance, not to depend on the white race or any one else to provide for your security. He was not talking to whites, he was talking to blacks. He was not talking in particular about whites, but about black forming their own identity in this very predominate white society that we live in. The message is not anti-white, but pro-black. There is a difference.


05/30/2007 06:18:19 PM

Although I to some extent support black liberation theology for its usefulness in boosting confidence among blacks and helping lift them out of poverty and despair, this article does not offer a good defense. It purports that there is a biological basis for different races, and that is ridiculous and backwards thinking. We need to bring people together as human beings who love and take care of one another, not divide them into separate races again.


05/22/2007 02:49:23 PM



05/22/2007 02:47:24 PM

I just found this progression a bit silly. God first deliberately causes a lack of understanding among people, then wants select groups of people to go out and teach