Sam Brownback: 'The Poor Will Save Us'

The Republican senator says it just might take a religious revival to save America.

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Sam Brownback, Republican senior senator from Kansas, has his eyes on the White House. He is a social conservative through and through. He is staunchly pro-life. He is against gay marriage. He is also radically pro-poor and has spent much time and effort trying to bring the poor's plight - particularly in Africa - to America's attention. He sat down with Beliefnet's Washington editor, David Kuo, to talk openly and in depth about his religious faith and what it is going to take to save America.

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How I Live with Cancer

  • Reexamining My Politics
  • Asking What I Can Do to Help People
  • Living a Different Life

How the Catholic Church Changed Me

  • Greater Theological Depth
  • Exposed Me to Beauty

America's Greatest Moral Crisis

  • May Not Be Abortion
  • The Poor Can Save Us

Religion in Politics

  • Romney Different from JFK
  • More Open to Faith Now
  • No Religious Tests
  • Danger of Losing Jesus to Politics

America Needs Religion

  • Only Revival Can Save Us

God and Me

  • God Happiness and Unhappiness with Me

Have you changed since 1994 when you declared you were part of the “Republican shock troops”?

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Interview by David Kuo
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