John Edwards: 'My Faith Came Roaring Back'

In the first of a series of interviews with presidential candidates, Edwards discusses how faith affects his decisions.

John Edwards

John Edwards, former senator from North Carolina and John Kerry's former running mate, has his eyes on the White House. His is not a long shot bid. Though far more under the radar than his two more popular rivals, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton, his is a serious effort backed with ample money and tireless campaigning. He sat down with Beliefnet's Washington editor, David Kuo, to do something he hasn't done before--talk openly and in depth about his religious faith.

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Morality & Poverty

  • America's Biggest Moral Issues
  • His Emphasis on the Poor
  • The Size of His House

Beliefs About God

  • His Relationship with God
  • God and Suffering
  • Is God Happy with Him?
  • Is God Disappointed in Him?

Faith in America

  • Democrats: Hostile to Religion?
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Does America Outrage Jesus?

Religion in Politics

  • Role of Faith in His Presidency
  • Prayer in Schools
  • Can Government Save Us?
  • Politics: Corrupting Religion?

Blogger Controversy

  • Charges of Anti-Catholicism

Edwards on Bush

  • Evaluating the President

What parts of American life do you think would most outrage Jesus?

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Interview by David Kuo
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