Tempting Faith

A former White House official reveals how politics and cynicism warped a noble idea to help the poor.


11/02/2006 12:09:12 AM

Most Democrats ARE Christians, and taking advantage of employees and minors is something both Democrats AND Republicans are against, whether the person is gay or strait.


10/29/2006 07:29:35 AM

David, "we Christians" know all too well, that the smug politicians hold is in a bad light most of the time. But what can we do? Join the Democrats? This means taxation so high that no one could live in a house over twenty thousand dollars. The family is so corrupted by Democrat decisions that there is no way a Christian should do anything with that group. I'm sure that Billy Graham, James Dobson and Jerry Falwell no all too well what happens when they leave the room after talking with "politicains." The Foley scandal wouldn't have even made the radar screen over at the DNC. It has caused severe repercussions with those that support the GOP. We are to render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. Christian's are a hate group to the Democrats.