Church Militant: Ann Coulter on God, Faith, and Liberals

The conservative pundit explains why liberals are 'godless' and why she considers herself a good Christian.

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No, I think it proves it--58.7% of all Democrats? That's pathetic. Also, you forgot to ask them the follow-up question: Is that because you hope to come back as a snail darter?

Will most liberals go to hell or heaven?

I really can't improve on Jesus' words: "Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to."

You cite opposition to the death penalty as a key tenet of the Church of Liberalism. Yet Pope John Paul II stated that the death penalty should be rarely, if ever, applied: only "in cases of absolute necessity." How do you square this with your assertion that "adoration of violent criminals" is the main factor behind opposition to the death penalty?

I agree with the pope. I also believe that it is an "absolute necessity" to execute cold-blooded murderers, rapists, and child molesters. As your own question indicates, opposition to the death penalty is not a "key tenet" of even Catholicism. That would be a difficult position to maintain inasmuch as God himself commanded the Israelites to go to certain cities and kill every living thing. If memory serves, the pope was also opposed to abortion. Liberals are not. How would you explain opposition to the death penalty for heinous murderers, but not for innocent children?


Do you think it is persuasive to trudge out long-dead horses such as Willie Horton (1988) or Piltdown Man (1912) and flog them one more time? Does anyone, even on the left, seriously regard Willie Horton as a "martyr," as you call him? Tookie Williams, maybe, but Willie Horton? Does he really rate a chapter of his own?

The word you're searching for is "dredge," not "trudge." No: I included a pointless chapter just to take up space. Yes, of course it's important. The Willie Horton chapter illustrates how a religion untethered to the Creator exhibits all the bad aspects of religion--myth-making, self-righteousness, and preachiness--in defense of remorseless killers, while casually sentencing the unborn to death.

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Interview with Ann Coulter
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