David Barton & the 'Myth' of Church-State Separation

The Bush campaign has hired a controversial activist who calls the U.S. a 'Christian nation'

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Barton expounds on these views--in somewhat more opaque terms--on the Wallbuilders website. He doesn't specifically call the United States a "Christian nation," but he also doesn't say that it isn't.

A typical explanation

: "We have received numerous questions from people who have been misled by the claims that are being made, namely, that America was not founded as a Christian nation."

Rob Boston, an official from

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

called Barton's advice to pastors that they can endorse from the pulpit "inaccurate, misguided, and dangerous. The IRS has never said that. It's also important for religious leaders to remember that Barton is a partisan operative. He doesn't care if a few churches fall prey to the IRS along the way."

In the Beliefnet interview, Barton was heavily critical of Americans United for trying to "intimidate" conservative Christian ministers. But Boston said his organization has also reported three black churches to the IRS since August for endorsing Sen. John Kerry from the pulpit.

"A pox on both their houses," Boston said. "Both parties are trying to politicize houses of worship."

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Deborah Caldwell
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