The Muslim World's Savior

The best thing I can do for Muslims is vote to re-elect President Bush.

BY: Muhammad Ali Hasan


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John Kerry's management of the Patriot Act would not be bette than President Bush's. After all, in order for it to be better, he would have to free the one detainee and after that refuse to arrest any more Muslim Americans. Considering the fact that he has done so few visits to mosques, so few outreach efforts to Muslims, and has a strong voting record against Muslim aid, I find it hard to believe Kerry would suddenly exercise compassion towards Muslims.

Yet Senator Kerry should be the best friend of all American Muslims, considering that he is the most liberal Senator from a state like Massachusetts, where befriending Muslims would not be a bad thing. Thus, if he cannot bring himself to embrace Muslims as a Senator, why would he embrace us as President?

I hate the Patriot Act. However, I believe President Bush's management of such an Act has been extremely responsible.

Despite my temporary detainment, I was allowed to board my flight. The police officers and FBI agents were extremely polite. I spent the hour of detainment talking to them about football and how unfair it was that Los Angeles still didn't have an NFL team. It caused one officer to lament, "I wish they would just let me clear you because you're more American than I am."

I let the Bush Administration know about this check, as well as other security checks or deportings that seemed unnecessary. I believe the administration has been quick in its response to civil rights concerns, as more immigrants from the Muslim world are moving again to America, and very few are deported.

The road to peace, especially in the Muslim world, is a tough one that calls for difficult decisions. President Bush has given the Muslim world aid, outreach, and even love. And that is why voting to reelect the president is the best thing I can do for Muslims around the world.

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