The Muslim World's Savior

The best thing I can do for Muslims is vote to re-elect President Bush.

"Sir, we're going to wait with you here until the FBI shows up. If we need to take you in, then we'll be prepared to do that," said the head LAPD officer. I was in the American Airlines terminal of Los Angeles International Airport, where four LAPD officers surrounded me and refused to let me leave the ticket counter. And it was only because my name is Muhammad Ali Hasan.

Being an American Muslim in America today can be tough at times. As a matter of fact, being a Muslim anywhere in the world is tough these days. If you happen to be a South Asian Muslim, chances are that you are suffering from poverty. If you are an Arab Muslim, chances are you are suffering from poverty and illiteracy. If you are a Kurdistani or Bosnian Muslim, chances are that you had a close family member killed by the bloody hands of a dictator. Ditto if you're a Somali or an Afghani Muslim.

When I think about it that way, I have to admit being an American Muslim isn't that bad after all. I grew up in Colorado, where I had access to education and plenty of opportunity. Other Muslims--those living all over the developing world--don't deserve miserable lives of poverty, illiteracy, and poor health, simply because they are born into oppression. Which is why the best thing I can do for Muslims is vote to re-elect President Bush.


Some accuse the president of bringing `war' to the Muslim world, a concern I can understand. However, I believe Bush is bringing liberation, not war. The president worked tirelessly to get his $87 billion war package passed through Congress. Of that $87 billion, $2 billion was promised to Afghanistan. Another $18 billion was promised to Iraq. Despite Sen. John Kerry's vote against that bill--and his citing of the aid package to Iraq and Afghanistan as the source of his refusal to vote for it--the bill still did pass. Other aid includes $700 million to Pakistan and the promise of enormous aid to the people of Palestine.

I hate that Muslims around the world have to endure war in order to attain progress. I also sympathize with war-protestors, mainly because as a proud American I, too, hate the idea that innocent people, including Muslims, are being killed around the world.

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Muhammad Ali Hasan
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