The Muslim World's Savior

The best thing I can do for Muslims is vote to re-elect President Bush.


06/05/2005 10:10:20 AM

If you had said "Saudi," rather than "Muslim," then the title of your article might have made sense, because Bush puts their interests ahead of those of U.S. citizens, of whom he doesn't deserved to be called one.


11/09/2004 07:18:27 PM

thank you President Bush for liberating Iraq and fighting the terrorists who want to continue to enslave and slaughter the Iraqi people.


11/02/2004 01:12:07 PM

Dear Muslims: DON'T VOTE! Why? Check out


11/02/2004 12:58:55 PM

Sorry - not Edwards, but Barack Obama. Our "best" interest best served by what, longterm, is best for everybody.


11/02/2004 12:57:22 PM

Peace2Awl - exactly on point! The time has long since past that we should be raising flags and drawing sides against each other in our own "best" interest. As Edwards said at the DNC, if a grandmother is making a choice between food and medicine, I care - even if she's not my grandmother. If a child cries for loss of a father, I care - and whether that father has been lost to one flag, as opposed to another, is not my first concern. Americans need to see Mexicans in this light just as Jews (like myself) need to see Arabs. For this to work, however, how we are seen is also important. I am no man's foe.


11/02/2004 10:45:53 AM

Ali Hasan is making "after the fact" excuses for the incredible blunders of the Bush regime. What Ali Hasan needs to focus on is what was the intent of the wars & were the allegations true? The obvious answer is "no" as admitted by Bush himself. Further, I couldn't care less what the impact was on Muslims vs. Jews vs. Christians..etc.. What's important is what is in the best interests of PEOPLE, and Ali Hasan so easily overlooks the tens of thousands of innocent people who were killed. There was a better way, as the Int'l Community suggested. Guilty until proven innocent should never be the American way. ..And sorry, but small concessions here & there don't cut it for me. Palis rights should be weighed equally to Israeli rights, period.


10/30/2004 01:56:57 PM

I am most grateful for Muhammad Ali Hasan's column, "The Muslim World's Savior." Before my beloved father, an avid reader and Irish Catholic, died 12 years ago, he asked me where to find a Koran. He never spoke highly of the Islam religion but was curious to find good in the shroud of its mystery. Most mainstream Americans knew little of that religion a dozen years ago. Bookstores did not carry the Koran, but the local college did. Mr. Hasan's column gives me hope. He tells of an American experience that shines light in the darkness of political rhetoric amidst a cacophony of voices that do battle with each other. I am a registered Democrat who is voting for George Bush. I believe in his frailities as well as his strengths. Raised a Roman Catholic who still clings to the goodness of her own faith, I hope to meet some Muslims like Mr. Husan in my lifetime. I pray mostly for unity in today's Tower of Babble. I doubt I ever prayed this much before.


10/27/2004 10:15:10 PM

I thought liberals were supposed to be accepting of all points of view. Isn't that what diversity means? Oh wait, I forgot the double standard. Freedom of speech and diversity only work when people are saying things liberals agree with. Not very diverse in reality. Reminds me of the Ministries of Peace, Love and Truth that dealt with war, hate and lies, respectively. If you don't follow what I'm talking about, be sure to read Orwell's 1984. It's the eventual outcome of liberalism. Ali Hasan - great piece. You truly understand what America is all about. You are a great American.


10/27/2004 10:54:49 AM

A Muslim vote for Bush is like an african american voting for david duke.. A muslim vote for Bush, he should really look to his/her aqeeda..


10/25/2004 12:18:54 AM

George Bush is a man who religiously considers chaos in the middle east to be a sign of the Second Coming. He isn't concerned over the deaths and political instability. While it is true that Saddam was evil, I don't see that George Bush offers much to the Muslim community.


10/21/2004 03:43:33 PM

In retrospect, I think that the term 'reparations' should have been used in place of such terms as 'aid' and 'reconstruction'. For one thing, I think it may have played better in the world arena. Would affecting a greater degree of humility in the course of waging a long-term global war on our enemies be a bad idea? Also – other than perhaps Israel, which nation today might Genesis 16:12 most immediately bring to mind? Perhaps try keeping the global situation in perspective. These were, after all, invasions of sovereign states technically at peace with all other sovereign states. If the majority of American taxpayers find terms such as 'reparations' overly difficult to swallow then in my opinion America doesn't deserve all the blessings bestowed upon it. In fact, if such were the case, it might actually be better off without them.


10/19/2004 05:39:03 PM

When will Kerry join President Bush in proclaiming his support for a State of Palestine? That said, I don't think either canidate has done enough to earn the Muslim vote. Perhaps, it is Nader this time.


10/18/2004 03:37:01 PM

"It is unfortunate that too many Muslims lump American into one category and simply believe that they wish to destruct our democracy."


10/16/2004 08:18:39 AM

Yassr, you hit nail on the head. The biggest failing of Americans is their naive view of the world. The public education they received and liberal media have deluded them into a false sense of security. Bush is the first president that cares about the middle east and the Muslim world and is not affraid to act. His achievments in this short span of time are amazing. I am voting for Bush.


10/14/2004 09:54:42 PM

Muhammad Ali Hasan speaks the truth! I too have witnessed what he has described in pakistan, only I have seen it elsewhere. I have seen something else too. There is a tendency not to report such things. They are no seen as "interesting", that is what one cameraman/reporter said to some poor people (they wanted him to photograph them thanking Americans for coming and helping). andy_f_90 and qtp3, are clearly innocent and idealistic, those are admirable qualities, but I am to warn them that there is a plan being acted to these qualities against themselves, to get them to rally and voice such opinions. These opinions will have ominous effects against them, and they will feel foolish and afraid, when the truth is sprung forth.


10/07/2004 12:36:23 PM

Thanks gtp3 for your comments. I agree 100% with you. Ali Hasan is a sicko. His support for Bush stems from his fathers business dealings with the HMO industry which Bush supports. I am outraged that he would go around the country and speak on behalf of Muslims, when he in fact, only represents himself. Both he and bin Laden claim to be speaking on behalf of Muslims! Here's an adive: SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!! Go Kerry!


10/05/2004 09:45:17 AM

riolion- thanks for ur reply. Don't u think we will be attacked especially if Bush wins??? Maybe we got attacked because of Bush. He was so inept in international relations, he forgot about keeping ememies closer political philosophy. Because of his neglect, the terrorist attacked. I think a vote for bush means another attack. It is not the president as much as his staff that runs much of the country. So w/o bush means the face of america will change but it will still function. We don't need bush, the president is more of a figure head. I think ima vote kerry and if I don't like his term, then in 2008 we will vote him out. That is america, we shouldn't be extorted for our vote. a indecicive vote for Bush is political extortion..


10/01/2004 10:01:45 PM

Muhammad Ali Hasan, You ROCKED on the Dennis Miller Show!!!!!!!!


09/30/2004 07:12:56 PM

mohammed.mussulman - I really appreciate your comments on Islam. They are very informative. My daughter's boy friend is from Iran and both he and his concept of Islam are peaceful. He was run out of Iran when the Shah left so knows what religious radicalism can do. It is unfortunate that too many Americans lump Islamics into one category and simply believe that they wish to destruct our democracy. It is somewhat the same attitude found among Americans against those of German desent during WWI and against those of Japanese decent in WWII. Islamics will certainly be sterotyped by law enforcement for years to come. As to my dire prediction, I predict we are not going to solve these problems for decades to come. In fact, it was probably get worst before it gets better. But what can we do about it? A determined and united stand against extremists is part of the solution.


09/30/2004 07:04:48 PM

qtp3 - I once questioned the editor of one of the Christian periodical concerning peace with the Islamics. His reply was quite blunt. He asked how do you negotiate with those that are dedicated to our destruction? That is why I state that the sword is more applicable than the conference table in dealing with extremism. One cannot negotiate or find peace with radicals. As for Bush, frankly I have a bad taste in my mouth for some of the mistakes he has made. Howbeit, the alternative may be much worst as we would have to wait before we are attacked and then get the UN approval to fight back. Of all the possible candidates that the dems had to pick, they got the most liberal and undetermineable of the whole lot. Staying with Bush and uniting behind him will tell our enemies what our resolve really is. And that is why I think I will vote for him.


09/30/2004 02:27:36 PM

Iraq is only a catalysis that will precipitate an even larger conflict that we will have to fight in all parts of the world for years to come. Whether we like it or not, we will continue to hear ‘kill the infidel’ from the Islamics. That is a truly dire assessment, but there is little doubt the invasion of Iraq under faulty pretenses and without UN approval will continue to anger and polarize the region. Bullets and bombs aren't going to put out that fire, and empires have traditionally exhausted themselves once they became engaged in such long and widespread struggles. Already we are facing a record deficit and attrition in our armed services. And with the rise of China and the plateau of oil production, it is likely we will begin to see friction and conflict as industrial nations scramble to impose influence on oil supplies.


09/30/2004 12:20:51 PM

Riolion- ..."...those that would destroy our way of life." That is a bit overexxagerated. That is the slogan to keep us scared. That is a crusader ideology which confirms why they hate us. Plus Iraq was not involved in 911. Iraqi's distaste for us grew from March 2003, not pre 911. Don't let partisen politics dictate our insecurities. Remember 911 happened on Bush's watch before we start believing the claim by Cheney. We must maintain our check and balance system and hold him accountable for that. His administration could have prevented 911..Giving Bush 4 more years only justifies his unilateralism. So AMericans should protect ourselves by voting him out.


09/30/2004 12:08:06 PM

earthangel66 - "What would you do in those circumstances?" I would advocate that we stand united against those that would destroy our way of life. And that may mean voting for Bush in November as clearly Kerry is too much of a flip-flopper who would alter the course of actions as the wind blews in a different direction. The sword is more applicable in this situation with the Islamic militants than is the conference table.


09/30/2004 11:56:37 AM

qtp3 - I think that what we may see is a far widening of the conflict between Western and Islamic societies. Iraq is only a catalysis that will precipitate an even larger conflict that we will have to fight in all parts of the world for years to come. Whether we like it or not, we will continue to hear ‘kill the infidel’ from the Islamics. Howbeit, they will be the ones that will eventually shed the most blood. In Iran, they have an elected government but the clerics have the final say so on any legislation that may be passed. And that is why I have problems with those shi'a democracies.


09/30/2004 10:45:40 AM

Riolion- I understand most of ur sentiments. However, I think that we will never leave Iraq. That is not happening. Especially if Israel attacks Iran nuclear facilities. I really hope Israel doesn't attak Iran. That will officially escalate the bloodbath in the region. Most American press aren't covering this and americans should start thinking about the effects of an Israel attack on Iran. Lastly, we in America have a limited democracy here too, watch tonights debates and enjoy the show, like pro wrestling...


09/30/2004 09:18:07 AM

Riolion - as is understandable given the circumstances. What would you do in those circumstances?


09/29/2004 10:05:29 PM

Got a problem with shi'a democracies, Riolion?


09/28/2004 09:25:52 PM

qtp3 - if there is a 'democracy' in Iraq, it will be overseen by the shite clergy similar to that 'democracy' they have in Iran. In the final analysis, I think we will get our asses kicked out of Iraq as for every Iraqi killed, we make enemies of those that remain of that family. They really hate us and will always seek a means to get revenge. I think that the great bloodbath is in store for that country once we leave.


09/28/2004 06:56:29 PM

The Hasan family are owners of HealthNet, a large HMO. The HMO has earned them hundreds of millions of dollars in family assests. Muhammed is the only son of the family. They mostly support Republicans but their is a contradiction in their donations. If you look at their political donations you will also find Congressman Henry Waxman a recipient. He is an ultra liberal and certainly wouldn't share the same issues as the Republican National Comittee. On further examination I believe Waxman sits on a congressional committee that greatly affects their business.


09/28/2004 12:17:28 PM

Does anyone really think that there will be an authentic democracy in Iraq?? Based on Numbers alone the Shiites will have majority status in Iraq. And it has been a tendency that a shiite cleric may run for president and if he gets the Majority vote will the US allow the election to be deemed as valid??? So if the People vote for a cleric president will the US support that election. Or call make a curruption claim and keep voting until an Allawi type wins. Which may happen if the election is tampered. Thus more violence...


09/28/2004 09:26:19 AM

What is liberation for and whose RIGHT is it to gain liberation? The people have a right to exact their own liberation free of foreign intervention. America's intervention is to exact its own interests on the Muslim people, manipulate them to submit to those interests, and settle into America's definition of world order. In Iraq, the US 18 billion hasn't even been spent. Some say less than 10% has been spent. What has has gone largely ot American contractors. The CPA spent mostly Iraqi oil revenue to rebuild the infrastructure by contracting mostly American firms. America plans to keep its military in Iraq for decades as it reshapes the Muslim world and secures its dominion over the world's energy reserves. That is not liberation, its imperial occupation with the threat for expansion. And Israel is bound to profit from America's dominion. Mr Hassan gave into the Empire. That is what they want to call "moderation".


09/28/2004 09:18:00 AM

Hassan presents a coherent argument, but he lacks the depth of knowledge of foreign affairs and world politics. Having a shallow perspective and lack of knowledge means you are easily fooled by pretty colors and nice words. The problem is America is an empire that dominates the Muslim nations. That reality allows for it to change the circumstances of the Muslim world at its whim. America supported the Musharraf coup and has supported his dictatorship since. America lifted the sanctions as a reward for Musharraf's obedience to America's will in the region. Is that liberation? Hassan has adopted the Darth Vader perspective: join the empire so it can destroy any who resist its reign (bring an end to this destructive conflict) and bring order to the world'!


09/28/2004 08:55:48 AM

I guess I had Al Queda in mind when I responded. Andy seemed to be blaming the media for the poor perception of Muslims in the US and certainly they are worthy of blame. But maybe you can help me here. For example, I don't recall hearing of much of an outcry from moderate Muslims in Arab countries after 9/11. Was there one and the US media just didn't report it? No, I don't think Bush, Blair and Sharon are the terrorized. But what about the hundreds of schoolchildren and adults killed in Chechen. Do moderate Muslims think that's OK? I also would like to see moderate Christians speak out more against the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons too. I'm just getting a sense that conservatives of all strips have grabbed the pulpits and I wish more moderate forces would speak out more. It just seems that it would mean a lot for some Ayatollahs to denounce the killing. That's all I'm saying.


09/28/2004 05:11:00 AM

jacknky, The problem is all moderate Muslims and a great overwhelming majority of the world people don't think the palestinians, iraqis, chechens and kashmiri people fighting foreign occupationists are 'terrorists'. Neither do they believe that Bush, Blair and Sharon are the 'terrorised'. Whaddya think? Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom and Peace ........


09/27/2004 03:30:19 PM

andy, It occurs to me that moderate Muslims like you need to do a better job of speaking out against Muslim terrorists and show the world that terrorists do not speak for the vast majority of the faith. Whaddya think? Peace...


09/27/2004 11:04:11 AM

Perhaps if acolytejohn does some introspection before attacking my faith and the faith of a billion other Muslims, he'd make sense. Unfortunately his reaction and hateful emotion is all too common in an era where irresponsible newsmedia and journalism has painted a very dark picture of Islam and Muslims. The press have done their fair share of providing the ignorant ones amongst our society many negative images of Islam via a tiny minority of traitors who in name of their religion of mercy disort the true beliefs and values of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) And if your knowledge of Islam comes only from TV and right-wing Radio talkshows; you too could be suseptible to hate propaganda. My advice: Educate yourself.


09/25/2004 03:17:33 PM

acolytejohn, Perhaps if you slow down you'll make sense.


09/25/2004 07:37:02 AM

BUSH WILL WIN kerry is a joke and vet hater!stop suporting these pepole untill they condem the acts of their self called brothers of peace.ask the souls of the dead Russian children


09/25/2004 02:05:43 AM

Hasan says (like a typical ignoramus who has bartered his religion for financial leverage and 'contacts' with Bushicons) "I am generally wary of Sharon, because I sometimes question his conviction toward peace. Yet he has spent this year convincing Likud members to pull out of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, instead of bulldozing Palestinian homes. Instead of bulldozing Palestinian homes? I'm REALLY REALLY going to ask Hasan what planet is he on? Stop being AN OSTRICH MAN and get your head out of the hole! Tell the Palestinians who had their home demolished today and their livihood uprooted along with their generational farms and olive-groves (and look them in the eye) that SHARON IS NOT BULLDOZING THEIR HOMES. Sitting in luxury in California or Colorado and not suffering at the hands of a butcher (Sharon) is a easy reality and a great indicator of your failed morality, values, and politics.


09/24/2004 08:52:43 PM

CalendarGirl, "OK, I did as suggested--got LOTS of Hasans but no Muhammed. So what's your point?" I apologize to be vague. All those Hasans are Muhammad Ali Hasan's family. Asma is the sister, Seeme is the father, and Malik is the father - There is nothing wrong in supporting a party one believes in. However, this "Muslims for Bush" stuff is laughable. The logic why Bush is good for Muslims is even funnier.


09/24/2004 06:59:18 PM

America, America land of the paranoid!


09/24/2004 01:47:18 PM

xcelfitpat, You said: "the attacks on 9/11 were planned and carried out based on the terrorists perceiving weakness from the Clinton/Gore years" Now, I agree that Clinton wasn't perfect but they did warn the Bushies that Osama would be their biggest security threat and the Bushies did sit on their hands until 9/11. Read Richard Clark and the other guy from the Bush administration. You are aware, I trust, that several attacks from Al Quesda were thwarted during the Clinton years including an attack on the World Trade Center?


09/24/2004 01:42:56 PM

(cont'd) Yes, Saddam was a very evil man but by your logic the US should have invaded China after they took over Tibet and started killing them. I guess there's not enough oil in China to invade, huh?


09/24/2004 01:42:38 PM

xcelfitpat, Thank you for responding to my post. Of course, I don't see it the way you do. Bush didn't use the fact that Saddamm is a bad man to justify his invasion. If he had, the country wouldn't have supported him. Instead, he played the fear card, linking Saddam to Al Quida (false) and stating definitely that he had WMD aimed at us (false). There is plenty of indication that Bush and Co. wanted to invade Iraq before 9/11 and used that event to justify the invasion. Now we are mired in a war that will take years to get out of. We have wasted lives and many, many billions of dollars that could have gone to schools, police, education, health care. We have stirred up a hornet's next in the Middle East that is creating more terrorist, not reducing terrorism. Meanwhile, the guy who started it all (Osama Bin Laden, remember him?) isn't even mentioned by the administration any more.


09/24/2004 10:40:53 AM

xcelfitpat, The women of Afghanistan now have freedom, the women of Iraq were already free. They could dress how they wanted, the could get educated, they could worship the religion of their choice. Now they cannot leave their homes without fear. Even dressed in full abaya they risk being abducted & raped. Oh, & lets not forget they must be Muslim.


09/23/2004 11:41:59 PM

I do feel sorry for those who still hang on the election results of 2000! GW won that legally and fairly and this was investigated thoroughly after the fact, check your facts not your imaginations. Let's not forget that there are over 40,000 voters illegally registred to vote in both liberal New York and Florida and over 70% of those illegally registred voters are democrats. If we had bothered to rule out those voting in both states, Bush would have cleaned Gore's clock in Florida. So get over it and move on. 4 more years!


09/23/2004 11:39:35 PM

Show me the chatter who has spent any real academic time in a reputable seminary or in a pastoral leadership role. The good news is that the majority of Americans reject the liberal agenda and believe that GW is truly being fair with his policies towards Palestine. Hey, folks, the attacks on 9/11 were planned and carried out based on the terrorists perceiving weakness from the Clinton/Gore years, not from the 8 months GW spent in office so get with it! Show me a country that we have "lobbed bombs at" whom we were not at war with. If I recall correctly, it was Saddam who was in violation of UN resolutions and who shot at planes in no fly zones, not the other way around. If you don't believe that France, Germany and Russia were motivated by anything but Greed in their refusal to support the US you are also extremely naive. Ask Russia what they would do today!


09/23/2004 11:30:58 PM

Dear jacknky: perhaps it's the shiites and kurds who no longer have to worry about being murdered by Saddam that would vote for Bush; perhaps it the thousands of Iraqis who have had to flee Iraq for fear of being subjected to real torture and brutality under Saddam and his ilk; I don't believe what happened at Abu gharaib was at all excusable, but it pales in comparison to the dismemberings, tongue removals, beheadings,etc that take place regularly under such dictators. Perhaps the women in Afghanistan and Iraq that can now have the opportunity to vote and be educated would vote for Bush. What's really amazing is how you can't believe that there would be muslims who would vote for Bush. Get used to it folks: 4 more years!


09/23/2004 09:38:47 PM

OK, I did as suggested--got LOTS of Hasans but no Muhammed. So what's your point? And what would your point have been if I had found Muhammed's name and the amount of contribution he made to ANY political organization? That that would preclude his right to post his opinion here on BeliefNet? Does the fact that I donate regularly to ProLife causes preclude me from taking part in the political process and posting my opinions? Or do I need to disclose that fact everytime I make a statement of any type? Just askin...


09/23/2004 05:13:42 PM

Please do the following and figure out why Muhammad Ali Hasan is rooting for Bush. Go to the following site: Type Hasan for the LAST NAME field. Colorado for the STATE field. Select 2004, 2002 and 2000 for the cycles field. Then click on SEARCH. Alternatively go to the following link:


09/23/2004 05:06:39 PM

It seems that those who quote the bible believe that they have established the final authority to any discussion. They assume that we all share the belief that the bible and it's many passages are the infallible truth and when we hear a particular verse we will then gain enlightenment and recognize the error of our ways. I may be wrong, but there seems to be a bit of arrogance in this approach. For their argument to have credibility we all must share their basic assumption that the bible and what lies within it is the final authority and, of course, this is simply not true. It has no more validity than if I chose to use Marx and Engles to argue against capitalism.


09/23/2004 04:43:13 PM

peace unto all "And that is why voting to reelect the president is the best thing I can do for Muslims around the world." Re-elect? When was the last time he was legitimatly elected? The author of this text is so blind to what is happening in his own country, how can we trust him to make a fair judgement about Bush's foreign policy? Come on man, open your eyes!!!!! Here's another questionable quote: "I am generally wary of Sharon, because I sometimes question his conviction toward peace." ROTFL!!!!!!


09/23/2004 03:22:09 PM

earthangel, Nice summary of "God-is-love" Bible verses. I'll bet Riolion comes back with some "God-is-judgement" verses. That's the problem with the Bible. There are plenty of verses for both sides to point to. Says a lot about the person quoting, though. Peace...


09/23/2004 02:25:34 PM

Riolion - "I assure you that whoever does not accept the reign of God like a child shall not take part in it" (Mark 10:15-16)"But woe to you rich for your consolation is now...Woe to you when all speak well of you. Their fathers treated the false prophets in just this way" (Luke 6:24-28) "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you; bless those who curse you and pray for those who maltreat you. When someone slaps you on the cheek, turn and give him the other; when someone takes your coat, let him have your shirt as well..Do to others as you would have done to you...Love your enemy and do good; lend without expecting repayment. Then will your recompense be great...Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate. Do not judge, and you will not be judged" (Luke 6:27-38) These are all words of Jesus to ALL OF US.


09/23/2004 02:16:39 PM

I thought Dick Cheney said this would only happen if Kerry were elected??? WASHINGTON - Standing beside Iraq (news - web sites)'s interim leader, President Bush (news - web sites) contended Thursday that insurgents could "plot and plan attacks elsewhere, in America and other free nations," if the United States pulled out. He said his top commander there has not asked for more troops but if he did, "I'd listen to him."


09/23/2004 12:57:10 PM

I couldn't bring myself to read all of this. I just find it amazing that any muslim could vote for GWB. I guess it takes all kinds.


09/23/2004 11:24:31 AM

Until that reversal, the Detroit case had marked the only terrorist conviction obtained from the Justice Department's detention of more than 5,000 foreign nationals in anti-terrorism sweeps since 9/11. So Ashcroft's record is 0 for 5,000. When the attorney general was locking these men up in the immediate wake of the attacks, he held almost daily press conferences to announce how many "suspected terrorists" had been detained.


09/23/2004 11:22:11 AM

With the latest Detroit convictions overturned, Ashcroft has not convicted a single person of terrorism since 9/11. "In October 2001, shortly after the men were initially arrested, Attorney General John Ashcroft heralded the case in a national press conference as evidence of the success of his anti-terror campaign. The indictment alleged that the defendants were associated with al Qaeda and planning terrorist attacks. But Ashcroft held no news conference in September when the case was dismissed, nor did he offer any apologies to the defendants who had spent nearly three years in jail." Feel safer?


09/23/2004 10:48:22 AM

Right yeah, Islamic countries have been launching bombing raids on the United States for years and their armies are currently occupying several States of the Union besides stealing our good Texan and Alaskan oil!...Right!


09/23/2004 10:27:32 AM

earthangel66 - Jesus did not submit to evil nor did He advocate that we convert to the views of our enemies. The fact is that some Islamics want to eterminate us and our way of life. If you were to read the Bible in context and really understand the message Jesus has for us, you would demand justice and the rule of law in order that all may live in peace.


09/23/2004 10:13:53 AM

Bush is an ignoramus. Even Senator Lugar called his administration incompetent last weekend. He's a republican Jimmy Carter


09/23/2004 10:13:53 AM

Misaem is trying to hide behind 9/11 but we all know Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and Iraq was not a threat to America or ever threatened America by word or action. Bush went to Iraq primarily for oil and secondary he was duped by Neo Con Christians and Zionist groups just like Misaem himself, who grossly betrayed Jesus Crist and his teachings.


09/23/2004 09:31:59 AM

I cannot believe that people who consider themselves Christians would ever agree with Bush. He mocks our democratic system. The Bush camp claims Christianity and forgets Jesus' commandments left to ALL Christian followers- #1 Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, mind and body and Love your neighbor as yourself. God says in the Old Testament vengence is thine (mine)not George's. The Bible did not say that love your neighbor as yourself only referred to Wealthy Americans. Jesus LOVED and FREED all people from the chains of religious and social hierarchies. Jesus was an outcast and UNPOPULAR yet LOVING teacher and leader. These are not the traits you will see in GWB. God left this earth full of treasures (such as oil). He didn't leave them for one group of people to kill for their attainment. Muslim brothers and sisters, know that there are Christians who pray for your nations to have peace and for your children and wives to live long prosperous lives. May Christ be with all of you.


09/23/2004 09:10:52 AM

First of all Bush is not a murderer Has every body forgotten 9/11? I have family over in Iraq and they along with other soldiers are VERY proud to be over there they knew the risks and are very upset that fellow americans are saying these things they think it is very unpatriotic! As an American and a Christian I do not like war nor do I like my family being there,but I accept it and admire them for protecting us in AMERICA where you can still practice your religous beliefs!


09/23/2004 01:08:49 AM

I think that Ali Hasan is on target. If the radicals would simply calm down and let Iraq be rebuilt then a government that is of the people, for the people and by the people could be established. Something that would benefit every Islamic country in the world. While I would have some disagreements with the position of certain religious leaders in the Christian faith (Falwell, Graham, etc. etc. etc.), what they are looking at is the Koran and fundamentalistic Islamic countries that offers little tolerance toward those of different religious persuasion and the lack of religous freedom afforded to those in a more advance society.


09/22/2004 10:51:06 PM

By the time I finished reading Mr. Hasan,s article I understood why he is supporting Bush. He has trouble with the laws and he is tring to prove that he is the Champion American, Well he can be the best American without supporting Bush. Millions of Americans who do not support Bush, they are in fact better American than Mr. Hasan or Mr. Bush. If anybody hates Saddam, logically he has so hate Bush for the same reason. Both of them are Mass MURDERER. Off course one thing Hasan is right about, some Muslim land needs to be liberated just like his native Pakistan. It needs to be liberated from the DICTATOR 'BUSHARAF'(Musharaf)


09/22/2004 10:38:26 PM

Mr. M A Hasan is misinformed. Sharon is withdrawin from Gaza only not from west bank, rather he will replace the Gazan Jews in West Bank. And Mr. Hasan is also wrong in his thought, When he says that "That leads me to believe Bush did a pretty good job of convincing him to cultivate peace." In reality sharon controls Bush. let's see what Sharon said "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and do that...I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it" Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, Yid Israel Radio


09/22/2004 10:24:52 PM

it should be murderer


09/22/2004 09:57:17 PM

Who is mass murder? Bush or Saddam? Bush managed to kill 37,000 Iraqis just in one year what Saddam could not do in his whole life time. Bush is a liar and war criminal, should be prosicuted by the world body.


09/22/2004 08:22:36 PM

The willingness of the Muslim world to adopt theocracies, murderous mullahs, and mad dictators willing to flout UN mandates has more to do with Muslim casualties than any character deficits to be found in GWB.


09/22/2004 08:10:36 PM

because of the ignorant mistakes of bush, people all over america and the muslim world face suffering, violence, death and humiliating experiences. there is no reason to put him back in power unless we wish to see the end of the world as we know it.


09/22/2004 08:04:07 PM

While America mourns the deaths of more than 1,000 of its sons and daughters in the Iraq campaign, the U.S. toll is far less than the Iraqi. No official, reliable figures exist for the whole country, but private estimates range from 10,000 to 30,000 killed since the United States invaded in March 2003. Iraqi dead include not only insurgents, police and soldiers but also civilian men, women and children caught in crossfire, blown apart by explosives or shot by mistake — both by fellow Iraqis or by American soldiers and their multinational allies. And they include the victims of crime that has surged in the instability that followed the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime. do you think that any of these casualties were muslim brothers and sisters? and this is acceptible? this is right? NO NO NO and NO!


09/22/2004 07:57:50 PM

Whether Bush as an individual is good for Muslims or not, the current global situation is a good opportunity for the Muslim community to show what their true colors are. I hope they understand the urgency inherent in this matter.


09/22/2004 10:43:25 AM

Who is Muhammed ALi Hasan??? And why is he speaking in the name of Islam. Like the brother said , he was raised in the US, so what authority is he to speak for people in another country. Money should come before Faith and conscience. He definately is getting a check from The GOP or is he simply out of his mind. I tend to think it must be the money!! Bush, the Muslim world savior??? Is their a 'savior' ideology in Islam. I believe that is a christian concept. Now Hasan and Pat Robertson/jerry falwell have something in common...


09/20/2004 03:45:52 PM

to andy and your fellow excuse-making-for-terrorist travellers..... i will keep coming back to this again and again... your hypocrisy and moral silence about the mass graves and the massacres far outweights any of your pseudo-legalistic scruples about WMD. furthermore, your attempt to take my Muslimness away from me is akin to that of Zarqawi's thugs... who brand any Muslim who disagrees with them as being an apostate and is thus liable for cold-blooded murder. It is that kind of intolerance that has lead to the sanctification of mass murder. It is that intolerance that George W has finally had the moral courage to speak about.


09/20/2004 09:43:26 AM

for janielaurel: Agreed, the war in Kuwait was about oil. Suggest the war in Iraq is not about oil, more likely fear and revenge. Fear that Saddam did have WMD (erroneous but real fear) and revenge for Saddam's attempt to assasinate Bush Sr. However, I give W credit for one thing. He stated that continuing the status quo, with the US turning a blind eye to conditions in the MIddle East just so long as the oil supply is stable, has become untenable. Petro-dollars fund the regiemes that exert totalitarian control over their populations. So long as the US is buying the oil, it is also funding that oppression. W sees that as a moral connection. If oil were the only goal, it would have been much cheaper to buy oil from Saddam than to invade Iraq.


09/19/2004 09:48:38 PM

"Some accuse the president of bringing ‘war’ to the Muslim world, a concern I can understand. However, I believe Bush is bringing liberation, not war." Maybe Ali Hasan you should be at the receiving end of Bush's liberation to better understand the view of the Muslims who vehemently disagree with you.


09/19/2004 09:41:48 PM

If Ali Hasan wants to support Bush he can do so WITHOUT doing it in the name of Islam and Muslims. Isn't it ironic that fanatics and radicals always claim to be speaking for the vast majority of Muslims and use Islam to justify their position(in this case it's not bin Laden but Hasan)? Poll after poll shows that more than an overwhelming number, 92% to be exact will vote against Bush and for Kerry/Nader. {Zogby International}


09/19/2004 09:37:08 PM

Gutuz, Ever look in the mirror lately? Bush is a LIAR (no Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq only Weapons of mass DECEPTION!), A COWARD who attacks a REAL war hero (a chickenhawk if you must), and a crazie social IDIOT (who can speak Spanish better than English0. Your pandering and love of Bush is sickening just like the traitor Hasan whose selfish business ties with the Bushies are the real reasons for his support for Bush.


09/19/2004 07:44:50 PM

you bunch of double talking hypocrites... at least george w. had the morals and ethics to kick out the WORST mass-murder since hitler and stalin.. isn't that enough? don't iraqis deserve better than genocide, ethnic cleansing and endless pillage... thank God that George Bush removed Saddam. It seems certain that most of the rest of the world was wiling to Ignore the filth and crimes (like you, janielaurel) and to let bygones be bygones and continue to make excuses for the continuation of his regime. 4 more years, W!


09/19/2004 12:07:17 PM

Part three: Bush Sr. was quoted as saying that the reason he did not try to take down the Iraqi regime was that he could find no way out. It would be costly, both in lives and money, nearly impossible to establish a democratic government in a Muslim country, and would be ten (or more) years of money thrown into something that probably would not be successful in the end. I think perhaps the son should learn from the father.


09/19/2004 12:06:47 PM

Part two: Now, suddenly, along comes George Bush Jr. stating that Hussein is evil (which we already knew), that he was funding al Qaeda (untrue according to the 9/11 Commission Report), and that he must be eliminated because of his overwhelmingly evil administration in Iraq. The ONLY reason Bush Jr. wanted to eliminate Hussein was because he felt the oil fields were slipping from the grasp of US control. What one president gives, another takes away. Frankly, I am not impressed with either candidate. But, I cannot vote for an incumbent president who blatantly walks all over the Constitution of the United States, has no respect for women’s rights or the environment, and who uses a so-called war in Iraq to line the pockets of his corporate friends.


09/19/2004 12:02:06 PM

Part one: It was the United States government that provided the funds and the technology for those chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein in the early 1990’s, clearly stating that it was the US government’s desire that through Hussein the attacks on Kurdistan could be effected. Please try to keep in mind that for many years, Saddam Hussein was on our side; helping to keep the Middle Eastern radical terrorist community under control. When Hussein decided to enter Kuwait on his own and step outside the bounds of the US accords, the Bush (Sr.) administration took matters in hand and went to war in the Middle East. Thus began the current mentality that Hussein was the bad guy. It didn’t matter to the US government that the atrocities were happening in Iraq (and other Middle Eastern countries). What mattered was access to the oil fields.


09/17/2004 10:24:39 AM

A great article by a thoughtful citizen. We're fortunate to have people like MAH in this country.


09/15/2004 02:12:26 PM

I could not vote for Bush again because of the numerous lies he has told... and his policies towards the environment. While I agree that the Muslim world itself should have taken care of Saddam and the Taliban... that does not prevent me from overlooking his numerous faults. When we add VP Cheney into the mix, Karl Rove and the other Neo-Cons--it becomes impossible for anybody with morals to support Pres. Bush. I actually feel sorry for Bush, though... for if leaders truly are held doubly accountable for their actions, he is in BIG trouble!


09/15/2004 06:12:57 AM

Kudos Mr. Hasan, I agree with you. President Bush has done more to liberate Muslims from the depredations of sadistic mass murderers and religious fascists than any of the hypocrites that talked about "no blood for oil" and conveniently ignore the mass graves, beheadings and evil that the terrorists have brought onto Islam and the world in general. His dedication to inspiring democratic reform in the Islamic world is a refreshing change to prior presidents who pushed "stability" at the expense of human rights and the left which has made excuses for the evil of the mass murders that have murdered more muslims than any "imperialism".....