08/31/2002 11:03:37 AM

This is my lawyer joke for the day so you lawyers duck. Three professionals died over the weekend and were waiting for Heaven to open up on Monday Morning. They got into a debate over whoes profession was the oldest. The first a physicist said, The Bible says God separated Lightness from Darkness and created night and day. Thats physics so God is a physicist. The second fellow said no you missed something there. He was an engineer and said before separating light and darkness the Bible says God Created the Heavens and Earth that's civil engineering so God is an Engineer. The third fellow an attorney said close but you both still missed a step. WHAT step did we miss. The Attorney said the Bible says God created the Creation from Chaos and created the heavens and the earth and separated light from dark to create night and day. The other two said exactly but what did we miss? Who do you think created all that chaos? God's an attorney. ;-)


08/31/2002 10:54:11 AM

As for Ashcroft's daily devotions. I do not see any violation of Constitutional Rights. In fact those Justice Department individuals who see a problem with US citizens exercising their first Amendment Rights give me cause to question whether they recognize and understand what the first amendment is. If they don't understand it they may need to take a bone head course in reading or constitutional law or maybe examine what sort of axe they have to grind. I am Anglican Catholic and the CEO of my company and we do Morning Prayer and a noon time study and Prayer. Its not mandatory. Everyone is invited to participate from the Executive Offices down to the first line laborers on the production floor. Some come some don't some come some of the time and some all the time. We eat lunch together and we use the NIV Study and American Standard Bible for Catholics.


08/31/2002 10:46:08 AM

Some of the various colonies were founded to seek religous freedom for individuals with in the group founding the colony. Maryland was for Roman Catholics. MA for Puritans. RI was for the first colony to grant true freedom of religion. PA was initially for Quakers but they soon followed RI. VA was for Anglicans who when it made economic sense allowed a small group of German Lutherns to settle there in what was the Germanna Colony near Spotsylvannia. They were allowed to haver their own church and infact imported their own pastor. My mother's family came in the second group of Germans to this country in 1721. The first national idea of freedom of religion was in the Constitution of the United States and it was for Christians first Protestants mostly. Tolerated Roman Catholics and Jews as being nearly right.


05/25/2001 10:31:54 AM

Asking God's guidance for each day is a positive thing. While I agree we're to go into the world to make disciples, there is also a section where Jesus states that if people don't want to hear, shake the dust off and move on. He doesn't say we're to "force", "coerce" or any other term. Our country was founded on the principles of freedom to worship. Wasn't that the whole point of leaving England? Separation of church and state was to make certain no particular religious body was allowed to run the entire country--NOT to remove every reference to God from all government offices, documents and ceremonies. Jesus also said things would be very difficult for Christians, and the Bible clearly shows that it will get worse before it gets better. So, we should all try our best to live as God commands, "pressing on to the mark of the high calling" as the Apostle Paul says. And, "where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name, there am I in their midst." So, Mr. Ashcroft, KEEP ON PRAYING AND STUDYING!


05/23/2001 10:52:10 AM

To imply that bible study in government offices is wrong,try researching are early history to see that early Americans held bible meetings and orayed in their offices.This country was founded on the gospel of Jesus christ.Try to dig deep into our history and forget what todays revisionist have written.Everything in our countries history that shows how we believed and followed God the father and Son and the holy spirit has been removed from our history books,but not from the library of congress.Here is where the truth can be found.We need to put God BACK into America before it is to late...


05/18/2001 10:55:52 AM

obiwarren, You clearly haven't heard about "The Cockney Bible" then. "'Ello Dad, how's things up in Heaven then?" Oy! Seriously, as long as Ashcroft doesn't make these Bible studies mandatory, or penalize people that choose not to attend, then I don't see them as any different then the Bible studies that take place in the office where I work. Remember though, Ashcroft himself is to blame for all the negative attention he gets for his faith. During his tenure as a politician he made few bones about insulting other people's, even other Christian's, beliefs. That's why people are so sensitive about him.


05/17/2001 07:30:18 PM

It seems to me that there is one hatred that is tolerated and even encouraged by the media and general public - the hatred of Christians. Joe Leiberman used his religion to the max in the last election and was hailed as a great "Man of God." Ashcroft has been vilified from the very moment his name came up for nomination and was drilled by a team of Democrats for having the gall to be a Christian. These people will destroy lives in order to push their agenda. BTW, the KJV, NIV, etc. are all translations of the Bible. The Bible was never originally written in English... and no version is stupid.


05/17/2001 07:08:31 PM

For the chap who blasphemed the KJV of the Bible, that's as close to the truth as it's humanly possible to get. He cited a paraphrase of the Bilble, not a translation. To base one's status on it is to lose out on a lot of important things. And if more people in this sorry country followed Ashcroft's example, we might be returned to out former glory.


05/17/2001 07:08:18 PM

If Mr. Ashcroft wants to have Bible studies in office, let him! It certainly won't hurt--Like the Steele's song says:"It's time for the army of God to arise and say We want America back!" If Mr. Ashcroft isn't right with God, maybe the Bible, or someone that studies it with him can open his eyes! The whole government needs to REALLY depend on God and HE can help them make the right decisions for this country! If there are those that don't want to participate, that's their choice..but they should respect the ones who do.


05/17/2001 06:08:42 PM

If Ashcroft is using the STUPID King James Version of the Bible, he shouldn't be holding Bible studies. But if he is using an intelligent version like the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, its okay.


05/17/2001 03:38:38 PM

Actually, I found it more interesting that Ashcroft wanted to revive the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1970's. Now that is scary!


05/17/2001 08:31:31 AM

Well, I have two thoughts. One is that the Attorney General is a pretty powerful person, and if I was on his staff, I think I'd feel like I was missing the boat if I didn't attend. Second, I was struck by this in the article: Ashcroft, who declined to comment on the matter, said in a recent speech: "It is against my religion to impose my religion on people." I'm Episcopalian, so I'm as reticent as anyone about imposing my religion on others, but even I know that there's a Great Commission in the Gospels: "Go forth and make disciples of all nations," or words to that effect. Is that not an imposition? What about missionary work? I think Ashcroft is being disingenuous if he's trying to imply that he's uninterested in winning souls for Christ.


05/16/2001 07:09:55 PM

I'm glad Ashcroft is praying and studying the Bible. It doesn't make me like him any better, but maybe if he's talking to God, and I'm talking to God– maybe one (or both) of us will be changed. If he's listening, maybe God will convict Ashcroft that some of his policies need changing. Anyway, I don't think we have anything to fear from a real and honest (and non-coercive of course) study of Scripture.


05/16/2001 05:11:17 PM

Just wondering if you guys would still be defending him if he believed in ETs and doing workshop with people claiming to have met them? Or if he did studies of astral travel?


05/16/2001 02:48:03 PM

Exactly. Just say no.


05/16/2001 02:31:34 PM

Good grief! I'm so tired of people being offended by things "being pushed on them" when they're actually just in the vicinity. In no way is having a bible study in his office pressuring others to participate. If you want to participate, great! If not, fine! Get over it!