Christians, Politics, and the Uncertainty of the Future

What does the election mean to American Christians?

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And once we have a new president, this is a time for us to pray for him,that the image of Christ may be seen even in the frailty of human flesh.

I believe that this year is pivotal. It is the start of somethingearth-shaking in magnitude. God is giving us free will to elect a leader.Of course, godly leadership makes a difference. But as it was in the days ofMoses, if we appoint someone God does not want, the Lord still has the heartof the king in his hand.

We must remember: The earth is God's footstool, and no weapon formed againstus shall prosper.

No matter the outcome, let's walk in peace and trust the Holy Spirit toassist us in becoming the nation he would have us to be--not because of theman we selected but because of the God who elected us.

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