Christians, Politics, and the Uncertainty of the Future

What does the election mean to American Christians?


12/10/2000 11:09:04 PM

I agree, except that we do not know whether we are going to get the kind of leader we need or whether we'll get the kind we deserve instead. America has polarized in more ways than one, and in God's eyes, the worst of these is that while more people are joining the fight for family values, more are also fighting for idols and sexual immorality. I do not agree that we can be confident that God has not given our country over to its own devices. He did that to the Israelites more than once. When the Babylonians came and took them captive, God told them they may as well submit because it was his will that they be punished. That is why we are to submit to the authorities whether they are good or bad - either way, it is God's will. If we get a bad leader in America, we have earned it because we have allowed immorality to take seed and grow until sin is virtue and virtue is sin. More join the fight against it every day, but I don't think we should ignore the possibility that it could be too little too late.