The Deeper Florida Drama

The unfolding election saga is really about a new understanding of America's 'civil religion.'


11/27/2000 10:44:10 PM

Oh, puh-leez! More self righteous right wing rhetoric positing theories and declaring that "Founding Fathers" would be - surprise! - doing EXACTLY WHAT JERRY WOULD DO? Well, what did I expect when I clicked on this piece - balanced insight? I think the WWFD really means, "What would FALWELL do?" If you want to know the truth, our Founding Fathers would have probably solved this with a duel, then the winner would have gone off for an evening of celebratory drinking and wenching. (That's what Ben "God governs in the affairs of men" Franklin would have done.) Go ahead, hang me. At least I have the vote now (or is that, in Mr Falwell's opinion, one of the ways that our country is "already failing in many regards because we have not remained conscientious in preserving the faith of our Fathers?")


11/27/2000 10:19:40 PM

The question above is about FL, however, I will comment on Falwell's article. This was a refreshing article with valid insights from the past. I would have appreciated some mention of twentieth century Christians like the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and others. We are called to pray without ceasing and to seek God's counsel on all matters of life. We should pray about all things not for health, wealth, or happiness as someone else suggested, but for God's will to be done in our lives and others.


11/27/2000 05:57:18 PM

Umm, Mr. Falwell, may I remind you that the Founding Fathers set up a "freedom of religion" clause in the Bill of Rights? And a lot of the people you cite were NOT Christian- they were deists, which is something different all together. Jefferson abhored Chrisitanity- he even published his own version of the Bible, complete with footnotes, to show how contradictory Christian teachings were to the enlightened mind!


11/25/2000 01:28:30 PM

What Falwell shows here is the very Christian tendency to look towards the (long) past for what to do in the present. Many Christians are just so used to the unwaverability of the Bible that they trasfer it into other things as well- such as the Constitution, or the founding fathers. At least, this is what I have noticed. What would our founding fathers do? The liberal thinkers that they were, I think they would tell us not to worry about what men over 200 years removed from our problem would do. America now is so different from anything they ever imagined (and that is not a bad thing or a good thing), it's ludicrous to cling to the founding fathers as a basis for any political decision.


11/25/2000 07:42:23 AM

After reading these posts,are we to delete what the founders of this country wrote and stated.As much as we who are Christians abhor whats happening.The thought of a truths found in God's word is coming to pass,they would change the truth into a lie(not just this election, but the principles and statments on the thoughts of men who founded this great country),that God many times gives a nation exactly what they ask for(separation from God and His goodness),they would reject the truth and accept a lie,and that as stated in the book of Romans,maybe he has given us up, to live to our own thoughts and devices.And that this nation is turning away from being a republic(despite what the BIAS media states that we are a democracy,we are a republic)to becoming a socialist nation that takes care of everything including the rewriting of laws and the constitution in the court system overriding the other two branches of our government.


11/23/2000 08:08:03 PM

Short and simple, Jerry Falwell has no idea what the founders would do. Like everything else, he makes up some stuff so he can push his religious agenda and speak badly against perceived enemies of Christiandom.


11/23/2000 11:55:09 AM

There is nothing we can "learn" from the events in Florida, except that our media shape our perceptions. The system is working normally, despite what either side in the dispute would have us believe. Mr. Falwell once again would have us spoon fed with the truth. The truth according to Jerry is that any mention of Christian faith, dogma or agreement with same is proof that Christian morality must be the law of the land. "Our Founding Fathers said it, it must be true!!!" Feh. Jerry, you need to learn the difference between truth and volume.. they do not logically connect. Keep your hands of my kharma, Jerry. I would no sooner trust you with choosing my faith for me than I would trust either candidate to tell me the truth about his agenda. The Mad One.


11/23/2000 11:27:17 AM

GeminiWench: Thankyou!! These fundamentalists always fail to mention that many of the "Fathers" were Deists as well as Christians.Big differences that they would like to suppress in order to revise history to their liking.


11/23/2000 03:26:48 AM

We are learning not to take the speed and/or efficency of anything for granted. We are used to elections that last a matter of hours rather than days, weeks, or months. We are usually able to declare a winner before all the ballots are in. We are finally relearning that every vote counts. Up here in Washington state we are still counting ballots to determine a Senator. It takes time to count the ballots. Why do we complain when we finally see HOW our votes matter? As to Jerry Falwell's article,.. all I have to say is most of the founding fathers of which he talked of so much, were deists. They were Christian, yes, but they did not believe God could or would interevene in our earthly lives. And what does God have to do with our election process. I would pray to a divine omnipotent spirit for health, happiness, prosperity, or the life of a loved one. I would NOT however, beseech Him on account of an election.