Why 'Faith-Based Diplomacy' Matters

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright believes that the future of the planet rests on taking religion seriously.

Beliefnet senior editor Alice Chasan spoke with Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State and former U.N ambassador in the Clinton administration, about her latest book, "The Mighty & the Almighty," in which she explores the uses and abuses of faith in international affairs and calls for world leaders to develop a greater understanding of how religious perspectives can contribute to resolving global conflicts.

You've devoted much of this book to chronicling the ways in which diplomats and world leaders are tone deaf to the power of religion. Why is that the case?


It's not a matter of not understanding or having their own personal faith. But, what had happened is that I think there was a sense that certain conflicts were so complicated, that to bring God and religion into them was an additional complicating factor, because there were so many diverse ideas. And if there's one thing that always gets people excited, it's their different interpretations of religion. So, the best thing people thought was, you know, this is hard enough. Let's not bring God and religion into it.

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Interview by Alice Chasan
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