Soledad O'Brien: Taking a Stand for Education

The CNN reporter talks about her new documentary 'Don't Fail Me' and how education can lead to a more peaceful nation.


05/15/2011 09:26:29 PM

I viewed your documentary "Don't Fail Me". Why is it NObody does a documentary on preschools. These are the foundation years. If we don't get it right then the children don't have a chance of making it in life. I am an Instructional specialist ( coach ) for Head Start teachers. I am finishing up my 4th year with them. I am very frustrated to see teachers doing just enough to get by. Our children deserve more than they are getting. Did you know it a child spents two years in a row with an ineffective teacher...they can never recover the learning they loss. I am watching children's lives being destroyed every day and it breaks my heart. Children are not coming first. If a teacher doesn't like what I say they go to the union and say I am harrasing them. Someone needs to tell the truth about head Start.