Martin Luther King III: 'Hope for a Peaceful World'

Beliefnet interviews the son of the famed civil rights leader on the importance of peace education.


08/08/2011 08:27:23 AM

MLK is one of my heroes as is the Dali Lama. The saddest thing is to see people of color and women who have allowed themselves to be assimilated into a corrupt system not of changing it. As a feminist, I find it heartbreaking to see so many women who become like testosterone laden men, instead of changing the system to one that has more positive feminine traits.


05/08/2011 04:03:32 PM

This is a wonderful article and I hope many, many people see this and try to take some kind of action to promote this. I wasn't aware of Martin Luther King, III so I am happy to know that he is promoting what his father did for this country. Mapleine