Diane Sawyer on The Inspiring Story of Jaycee Dugard

ABC World News journalist Diane Sawyer talks about her interview with abduction survivor Jaycee Dugard.


07/12/2011 05:23:50 PM

I'm sorry for your past plainmary but you have it wrong about Jaycee. Shame on you for thinking you could be in Jaycee's shoes and think you know how should have acted. God bless Jaycee and the strength she has found to move forward without holding on to the past. And for the courage that got her to this point in her life. May she and her family have many blessings to share from her on out. Peace plainmary.


07/11/2011 12:21:16 AM

I grew up being burnt, beaten, raped, sold, drugged and had a forced abortion at 13. By the time I could drive, like Jaycee, I had punched out my abuser and started saying no. Jaycee knew as soon as she had kids, they would be molested. She knew they needed to be in school; she had been. When she could drive out and had money she should have gone to the police and got her kid(s) out - and herself.. She is as much an abuser as her kidnapper. Child Protective Services should take her kids away - she not only did nothing to protect them, she did nothing to get them what they needed like medical care and schooling. She is not a hero, she is not courageous, she is not amazing. She is an abuser and making money off the idiots who listen to her.


07/10/2011 12:46:16 PM

Jaycee is an courageous, amazing, woman and mom. God Bless Her!


07/09/2011 10:00:56 PM

This proves that the city&country&that state and maybe even the other 49 states should do a better job when it comes to law enforement checking on sex offenders when they are out of prison&on probation cause it with their civil liberties when they are out there should be some way the police/probation officers should check these monsters basements&backyard,ect to make sure then something like this doesn't happen again to another child.


07/08/2011 03:03:55 PM

This is such an amazing young women. It confirms my belief in God and how our faith keeps us strong no matter what our difficulties. May God Bless her and her family, always.


07/08/2011 08:34:28 AM

Now she is going to speak and after that leave her alone so she and her children can live out their lives without people in the press bothering her as she has for the last years . She was a very strong and so wonderful raising her children with what little she had and they were educated by her and that is so wonderful and that is something I thought would be imposible but she did it and that is all that is important. MAY GOD BLESS HER AND HER ENTIRE FAMILY NOW AND FOR ALL TIME AS I AM SURE HE WILL!!!