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The Catholic Church and the Holocaust-Denying Bishop

Pope Benedict XVI has reinstated four bishops, one of whom is a Holocaust denier. The Beliefnet bloggers weigh in.

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Catholic Church Abuse Scandal

Beliefnet's bloggers discuss the latest developments of the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal.

Related Topics: Hot Topics, Catholicism, Catholic Abuse, Child Molestation, Pope Benedict XVI


Evolution Debate

Blogs, videos, articles and more features on the human evolution religion debate. Get different perspectives on evolution creationism and the theory of evolution.

Related Topics: Human Evolution, Hot Topics, Evolution Creation, Evolution Creationism, Evolution Debate, Evolution Of Man, Evolution Religion, Evolution, Evolution Religion Debate, Human Evolution Religion, Religion, Creationism, Debate, Theory, Videos


Easter 2013

Beliefnet presents the Beliefnet Guide to Easter 2013 with a biblical analysis of Christ's Resurrection, inspirational stories, Easter prayers, Holy Week prayers, Easter dinner recipes, quizzes and much more.

Related Topics: Easter Prayers, Holiday, Resurrection, Hot Topics, Easter, Christianity, Holy Week Prayers, Jesus


Valentine's Day

Beliefnet celebrates Valentine's Day, dating, marriage, romance, and love.

Related Topics: Holiday, Love, Romance, Holidays, Valentines Day, Relationships, Hot Topics, Dating, Marriage


Barack Obama

Beliefnet features an interview, exclusive video, a faith Q&A and more coverage of president-elect Barack Obama.

Related Topics: Barack Obama, Hot Topics, Obama, Joe Biden, Politics, Election 2008, White House, Exclusive, Exclusive Video, Barack Obama Beliefnet, Coverage, President Elect, Interview, Video



Lent and Ash Wednesday prayers, meditations, readings and a Lent calendar. It's a complete Lenten devotional resource.

Related Topics: Spiritual Journey, Galleries, Lent Lent, Meditations, Lenten, Inspirational Stories, Hot Topics, Devotional Resource, Highlighted Text, Christianity, Calendar, Lent

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