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Israel's Raid on the Gaza Flotilla

Beliefnet's bloggers debate Israel's raid on the Gaza flotilla, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Related Topics: Hot Topics, Gaza, Gaza Flotilla, Israel, Palestinians


Miracle on the Hudson

On January 15, 2009, Capt. Sully Sullenberger expertly and miracuouly landed Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in New York City. Everyone on board survived. The plane crash that gave passengers a near death experience also gave many a new perspective on life. It has inspired people around the world and given us a deeper sense of hope. One year after the plane crash, we investigate how this moment changed people's lives for the better.

Related Topics: Captain Sullenberger, Flight 1549, Miracle On The Hudson, Sully, Hudson River, Hudson Crash, Hudson River Miracle, Hot Topics, News


2009 Year in Review

What happened in 2009 and the past decade? Read entertainment news and pop culture trends of the past decade, obituaries of spiritual leaders who died in 2009, and health lessons of 2009.

Related Topics: New Year, Year In Review, News And Politcs, 2009 Roundup, Hot Topics, Health And Happiness, Entertainment, News


Jon & Kate Plus 8

Interview with Kate Gosselin from the hit TLC reality TV show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," plus complete features on Jon Gosselin cheating controvery and more.

Related Topics: Jon Gosselin, Relationship, Jon And Kate Plus Eight, Family, Hot Topics, Complete Features, Entertainment, Kate Gosselin, Reality TV


Rev. Timothy Wright

Complete Beliefnet features on Rev. Timothy Wright

Related Topics: Rev Timothy Wright, Gospel Music, Christian, Grace Tabernacle Christian Center, Hot Topics, Timothy Wright


Autism Awareness Month

Beliefnet's bloggers discuss Autism Awareness Month.

Related Topics: Parenting, Autism Awareness, Physical Health, Awareness, Hot Topics, Autism, Faith


Evolution Debate

Blogs, videos, articles and more features on the human evolution religion debate. Get different perspectives on evolution creationism and the theory of evolution.

Related Topics: Human Evolution, Hot Topics, Evolution Creation, Evolution Creationism, Evolution Debate, Evolution Of Man, Evolution Religion, Evolution, Evolution Religion Debate, Human Evolution Religion, Religion, Creationism, Debate, Theory, Videos


Ted Haggard Scandal

Ted Haggard: Where is he now? Beliefnet's bloggers discuss the Ted Haggard scandal and its aftermath.

Related Topics: Hot Topics, Ted Haggard, Haggard, Haggard Ted Haggard, Marriage Haggard, Ted Haggard Scandal, TED, Ted Haggard Ted, Sad Case, Marriage, Video

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