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Are All These Christians' Complaints of Persecution Just So Much Empty Whining?

Date: 10/07/2013

The headlines are alarming: “Catholic-Owned Company Wins Religious Freedom Court Decision,” “Death Toll Rises to 65 in Boko Haram Attack on Students,” “Little Sisters Catholic Charity Victimized By Obamacare,” “Christians Sought Out, Murdered in the Kenyan Mall Massacre,” “Judicial Watch Seeks Reason Why ‘So Help Me God’ Removed From U.S. Air Force Oath.” An Egyptian church burns But the me ...

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How We Turn Anger Into Holiness

Date: 09/27/2013

The Jewish holiday of S ukkot (Tabernacles) just ended. The biblical reading for the holiday contains the famous scene where Moses shatters the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.  This act emanated from his anger at his people’s worshipping of the golden calf. In trying to make sense of this text, the Jewish sages asked a poignant question. What happened to the shattered tablets? Did ...

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"The Price of Fear": Utilizing the iconic actor's own words, author Joel Eisner reflects on the life, career and faith journey of Vincent Price

Date: 08/19/2013

Here’s today's dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. The legacy of Vincent Price. On October 25th, it will be exactly 20 years since the legendary film actor Vincent Price from lung cancer at the age of 82. Such is the timing of Joel Eisner 's new book The Price of Fame: The Film Career of Vincent Price , a labor of love for the highly-regarded entertainment histo ...

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MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Thinks I am a Phony Christian (Although he misquotes the Bible and then calls people who disagree with him Phony)

Date: 08/18/2013

Ed Schultz  says anyone who disagrees with Obamacare is a Phony Christian who doesn't want to be his brother's keeper. As the author of Godonomics , where I lay out multiple moral reasons why one might be against Obamacare, let me summarize here.  Let's begin with Schultz's misquoting of the Bible with his reference to being our "brother's keeper." The Bible NEVER advocates being our broth ...



Interview: Bishop T.D. Jakes Talks About the New Faith and Family Film Festival

Date: 08/01/2013

Bishop T.D Jakes, who serves on the board of Beliefnet, has added a Faith and Family Film Festival to his inspirational MegaFest gathering, this year taking place in Dallas on August 29-31.  Bishop Jakes spoke to me about why film is so important in providing spiritual enlightenment and what his plans are for this inaugural event. What made you decide to bring movies to MegaFest? The Inter ...

Related Topics: Blog 97, Spiritual Films, Black Nativity, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Megafest 2013


Ayn Rand and Jesus: Do they teach opposing viewpoints about economy?

Date: 07/18/2013

  An article on the Blaze reported that "Prominent GOP leaders have praised Ayn Rand’s philosophy and beliefs. But Rand made it clear that you can’t follow her and Christ. The GOP budget, authored by Rand acolyte Paul Ryan, is the perfect example." How can an atheist like Ann Rand and Jesus have anything in common?  Well,  they can. In fact, the Bible teaches that God's truth can be ...

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On Teaching About Judaism (Part Four)

Date: 06/25/2013

As discussed in previous blog entries , a fairly sizable percentage of the American public seems to know surprisingly little about many of the basics of Judaism. In my own world religions courses, some students begin the semester with no real knowledge of the Jewish faith, and may even harbor some fairly common misunderstandings about it. Many newcomers to Judaism (or to the Bible, for that mat ...

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Apostles of Comedy: Onwards and Upwards

Date: 06/24/2013

The very funny Jeff Allen ("Thou Shalt Laugh"), Ron Pearson ("Malcolm & Eddie") and Keith Alberstadt ("Next Big Comic") perform on tour in the family-friendly "Apostles of Comedy: Onwards and Upwards."  It is nice to hear good, old-fashioned humor about the frustrations of daily life and relationships that does not resort to vulgarity or bad language.  Dating, bad weather, cell phones, exerci ...

Related Topics: Blog 97, Ron Pearson, Jeff Allen, Apostles Of Comedy: Onwards And Upwards, Keith Alberstadt

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