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We Tried to Warn Obama...But He Wouldn't Listen

Date: 01/20/2010

The defeat of the Democrats choice to succeed Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate is being treated as though there is a decided shift of mass opinion to the Right in the U.S.  But it is the Obama Administration, not the people who supported him in 2008, which moved to the Right--in the name of being  pragmatists or realists-- in the process emptying their own agenda in regard to health care, ...

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Is the Massachusetts Senate race a referendum on Obama's first year?

Date: 01/19/2010

Today, Massachusetts votes for a Senator to replace Ted Kennedy in a special election scheduled on the eve of President Obama's first anniversary in office. The expectation is, to put it bluntly, that Republican challenger Scott Brown will probably defeat incumbent Martha Coakley (who is running for Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat after his passing last winter). The immediate impact of a Coakley loss w ...

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Martha Coakley and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Date: 01/16/2010

The case of Martha Coakley gets stranger and stranger.  I am grateful to Chas Clifton for bringing this to my attention .  I did some Googling about, and in the process found a post discussing the issue over at Wild Hunt.  Here is what appears to be a good discussion of Coakley and the ritual abuse issue , along with her disgusting role in it.  An exhaustive compilation of ...



Reid: Americans voted for Obama because he was "light-skinned"

Date: 01/10/2010

Not surprising that the Democratic leader is a closet racist: Reid's remarks about Obama were revealed in "Game Change," a book detailing the 2008 race by Time's Mark Halperin and New York magazine's John Heilemann. The authors describe Reid assessing Obama's strengths as a candidate. Reid, they write, "believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially on ...

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Brittany Murphy dead at 32: Too thin?

Date: 12/21/2009

Brittany Murphy dead at 32. Reports of Brittany Murphy's untimely death came pouring in last night. It was said that she'd been 'very ill' for days. When her mother found her unconscious, in the shower, there was a significant amount of vomit found in her room. Was it cardiac arrest? Was she too thin? Might that have played a part in her passing? A wake up call to all that being h ...

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