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Both/And: Faith with Pharmacy

Date: 09/17/2009

It's not either or, this or that, prayer or medicine, faith or pharmacy. God heals, and he often uses the wisdom he's given medical experts to aid the body's natural restoration processes. We've all heard of tragic stories - people who choose for themselves - or more horribly - for their children, to trust in prayer and deny medical treatment. Why does it have to be one OR the other? Why can't w ...

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Praying with our Heads Screwed on

Date: 09/17/2009

An  image of the H1N1 virus. Knowledge is power... The first rule in war: "know your enemy." At this moment the world is facing invasion from a microscopic but deadly beast. Epidemiologists have dubbed it the H1N1 virus, and it's the culprit behind the flu symptoms attacking millions, including, as I said earlier, one of my kids. Researchers who have developed the vaccine which wil ...

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H1N1 Prayer Vaccine

Date: 09/15/2009

My 15 year old son has the flu: fever, aches, cough. He's frustrated and angry - he was scheduled to play quarterback this Thursday - but he's too physically sapped to say much.     He's not alone. By now we've all heard the hype about the H1N1 flu virus. Epidemiologists changed the name from "swine flu" after pig farmers in Iowa objected. Whatever. By any name, it's a nas ...

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Does Healing Prayer Work?

Date: 09/16/2009

Do you believe in supernatural healing? Do you believe prayer prompts God to heal the sick? These are ancient questions that - in spite of our modern scientific discoveries - continue to fascinate us. We're hearing a growing "buzz" about a pending pandemic of "swine flu" also known as H1N1. Researchers claim to have developed a vaccine for this strain, but the fact ...

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The Sick Traveler: An Easy Person to Hate

Date: 09/12/2009

Last weekend I returned from a lovely, restful weekend trip to San Francisco. As I boarded the red-eye back to New York, I found myself hoping that just this once, I would have the ideal flying neighbor--the non-existent one. What I got instead was a middle-aged man, sniffling, sneezing, coughing his way through the 5-hour trip. I am the opposite of a hypochondriac--I spend most of my time denyin ...

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Factory farming and swine flu

Date: 09/02/2009

Just got this from a longtime reader who is not a fan of organic meats, on economic grounds. She writes that this is the best argument for spending more money on pasture-raised meat. Excerpt: Factory farming and long-distance live animal transport apparently led to the emergence of the ancestors of the current swine flu threat. A preliminary analysis of the H1N1 swine flu virus isolated from ...

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Physics and the Body of Christ

Date: 09/04/2009

Every Friday, "Science and the Sacred" features an essay from a guest voice in the science and religion dialogue. This week's guest entry was written by Dean Nelson, the founder and director of the journalism program at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. He is writing a book with Karl Giberson about John Polkinghorne and the faith/science debate. Nelson's most recent book is God Hi ...


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