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Conspiracy corner: The end of swine flu hysteria?

Date: 01/28/2010

by Lynn Hayes If you've read this blog for a while, you've heard me ranting for just about a year now about the hysteria being manufactured over the swine flu.  When Chiron (health and healing) conjoined Neptune (spirituality but also illusion and delusion) beginning last February when they made a close approach, and then again in May and June when their conjunction tightened to wit ...

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The cup comes back

Date: 01/01/2010

After weeks of anxiety about the swine flu, at least one U.S. diocese will be bringing back the communion chalice. From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Last fall, it was a sign of the season - the flu season, that is. Area Roman Catholic churches stopped offering communion wine from the common cup during Mass for fear of spreading the H1N1 virus. Although public health official ...

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The Health Lessons of 2009

Date: 12/28/2009

Swine flu and health care and loss...oh my! In retrospect, 2009 sounds pretty dismal, especially when we look back it through the lens of health.  Let's take inventory, shall we?  Pandemic disease confused and sickened up.  Toxic chemicals and bacteria threatened and poisoned us.  A national political debate angered and frustrated us.  And cancer and other disease ...

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Facebook Status Updates: Family (#5) and Religion (#15)

Date: 12/28/2009

What's "Memology"? If you're an avid Facebook user, you may already know that the term "refers to the study of how 'memes,' or new ideas and trends, are spreading on Facebook." One area of concentration by Facebook's data analysis team ( as reported in the Facebook blog ) focuses on the status update, and what terms appear in those updates the most. While the #1 spot belonged to discussion of Face ...

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