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Which Sotomayor Will We Get?

Date: 07/17/2009

Barry, let me answer your questions.   First, Judge Sotomayor's answer that Roe v. Wade is "settled law" is not necessarily "a bad thing" if she is explaining the Supreme Court's jurisprudence.   Chief Justice Roberts, at his confirmation hearing, acknowledged that Roe "is settled as a precedent of the Court."   Justices, when reviewing any case, must consider the pr ...

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Sotomayor Scrutiny Warranted

Date: 07/14/2009

Barry, you call it 'ideological bloviation' - I call it raising serious questions about Judge Sonia Sotomayor's judicial philosophy. There are valid issues that need to be addressed:   It's my hope that the Senate Judiciary Committee thoroughly examines Judge Sotomayor's commitment to impartiality and the rule of law; her ability to separate her personal experiences from her role as ...

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Wise Latina Power! Judge Sotomayor and the Senate Confirmation Hearings

Date: 07/13/2009

I'm sick of the constant harping on Judge Sonia Sotomayor's 'Wise Latina' comment.  Jeff Sessions, the Senator from the great state of Alabama ('everybody knows about Alabama' -Nina Simone) made reference to it again in his opening/opposing statement at Sotomayor's confirmation hearings today.  The sentence, for those of you who haven't been following the obsession, goes like this:  I ...

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Did We Learn Anything From the Sotomayor Hearings?

Date: 07/19/2009

When all is said and done, Jay, I'm not sure either one of us learned what we wanted to from the hearings. Many issues were discussed ad nauseum ; others virtually untouched.  (The Washington Post did any excellent analysis of this in its print edition on Sunday).  I was impressed by Judge Sotomayor's demeanor, even when she was being asked endless variations of questions she had pretty ...

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Talking While Stupid: White Evangelicals, Dr. Gates and President Obama

Date: 07/25/2009

I think President Obama was right to soften the tone of his statement the other day on the Gates arrest incident; the word "stupid" wasn't a helpful word choice. But the word, I think, accurately describes the reaction of a lot of white male commentators to the incident. Let's assume (for a minute, anyway) that Sgt. Leon Lashley, the African American officer who was present at the arrest, ...

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We need to move forward (Erin)

Date: 07/15/2009

The Sotomayor confirmation hearings continue, and one of the exchanges between the nominee and Senator Tom Coburn has attracted some attention : WASHINGTON (AP) -- One of Sonia Sotomayor's Senate interrogators had a joking response Wednesday when she talked hypothetically -- and humorously -- about getting a gun to shoot him in self-defense. "You'll have lots of 'splainin' to do," replied GOP ...

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Sotomayor: Clearly Qualified

Date: 07/16/2009

Let me try to figure out your position on what Judge Sonia Sotomayor has said about a couple of issues. I have a few questions. First, you noted in your last post that she said that Roe v. Wade was "settled law."   Is this a bad thing? I thought conservatives were supposed to like the doctrine of stare decisis, the idea that absent extraordinarily compelling reasons, the Supreme Court d ...

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