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Elena Kagan: Nomination

Date: 05/10/2010

There are two sides of this nomination, but one point about the probably result seems important to many:  " If the Senate confirms Ms. Kagan, who is Jewish, the Supreme Court for the first time will have no Protestant members. In that case, the court would be composed of six justices who are Catholic and three who are Jewish. It also would mean that every member of the court had stud ...

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Supreme Court Will Have No Protestants. Does It Matter?

Date: 05/10/2010

(RNS) As Solicitor General Elena Kagan prepares for confirmation hearings to make her the newest member of the U.S. Supreme Court, her nomination changes the religious makeup of the nation's highest court. But does it matter that the bench would include six Catholics and, with her confirmation, three Jews and no Protestants? Observers say it's a historic turning point for a court once comprised ...

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High Court Supports Mojave Cross in Calif.

Date: 04/28/2010

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court said Wednesday that a lower court went too far in ordering the removal of a congressionally endorsed war memorial cross from its longtime home atop a remote outcropping in California. Signaling support for keeping the cross, the justices ordered the federal court in California to look again at Congress' plan to transfer a patch of federal land beneath it into privat ...

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