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    The Legacy of Oral Roberts

    From prosperity gospel to Pentecostalism, Oral Roberts helped influence a generation of Christians. What will his long-term legacy be?

  • Wholeness Tips for the New Year

    My Experience at Oral Roberts University

    In "My Faith So Far," Patton Dodd recounts his experiences in the Pentecostal Christian culture and shares a life-changing experience at Oral Roberts University that shook his faith.

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    Who's Who in Pentecostalism

    From John Ashcroft to Oral Roberts, a list of prominent Pentecostal Christian preachers, teachers, and healers.

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#111 Oral Roberts

Date: 12/16/2009

With the passing of Oral Roberts, so dies a tiny piece of televangical history which played such a part in creating the manifold Christian culture we all enjoy today. At least Oral Roberts University is still going strong, and with it the delicious irony of earnest Christian parents sending their kids to a college with the word "oral" in the name.

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Weekly Meanderings

Date: 12/26/2009

Our last Weekly Meanderings for 2009. So, let's move on to 2010! It's unlikely I will have a Weekly Meanderings ready for next week, as we will be on vacation in warmer climes. To begin with, one of our blog's Friends is Michael Spencer, known to most of us as iMonk. Michael has been diagnosed with cancer and I'm asking you to join me in praying for Michael and family this weekend. ...



Richard Dawkins on the Hugh Hewitt Show

Date: 10/21/2009

Richard Dawkins was on Hewitt last night plugging his new book . I can't link to the podcast (since you have to pay for it now) but he's posted a transcript , so you can at least read it. Hewitt did a great job asking penetrating questions and the hour was quite interesting and informative. Hewitt asks the questions that cut to the chase and get to the point of dispute, like this one: HH: Bu ...

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Cross Should Survive Challenge

Date: 10/09/2009

Barry, I believe the Supreme Court ultimately will conclude that the plaintiff did not have legal standing here - that this challenge was legally flawed from the very start.     Merely being 'offended' does not give the plaintiff a legal green light to go to court to challenge this memorial. As you know, just because the 'standing' issue did not receive a lot of attenti ...

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Mojave Cross -- A Constitutional Crisis Indeed

Date: 10/07/2009

Jay, It was a pleasure seeing you, too. I always am up for a great photo-op, too. As you know, I'm heading to New York right now to appear on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss this very case. But here are some of my thoughts in advance. To me, the most shocking comment of the day came from Justice Antonin Scalia. He actually said that this cross represents all veterans, even those w ...

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Prosperity Gospel poltroons

Date: 08/16/2009

Prosperity preachers just burn me up. But how can you save people from themselves? Excerpt from a Times story about how prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland is still doing land-office business in hard times: Stephen Biellier, a long-distance trucker from Mount Vernon, Mo., said he and his wife, Millie, came to the convention praying that this would be "the overcoming year." They are $102,000 i ...

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