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Mainstream Media: Selective Editing, Rushing Judgment, Stoking Anger, Fake Photos, Incendiary Stumbles

Date: 04/02/2012

Watchwoman: The following article from a Yahoo blog, "THE CUTLINE," exposing how manipulative and inaccurate the mainstream media truly is, appears on the front page of Yahoo's Start Page in the top line of their area entitled "TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS" of the most prominent stories of breaking HEADLINE NEWS .  <  http://news.yahoo.com >  Yahoo could never be accused of being co ...

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The Michael Coren Christians Who Cowardly Deny Church History

Date: 02/24/2012

I came on to Michael Coren’s TV show in Canada to simply talk about my new book Kosher Jesus, which has received wide attention throughout the world. I left dazed, having heard from him that Jews refuse to appreciate Christians, depict them negatively, and essentially control Hollywood. Now Coren has shoved his foot far deeper into his mouth with a personal diatribe against me. Personal insults ...

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Drugs Kill - Whitney Houston, slowly dying for years

Date: 02/21/2012

Watchwoman: I have not addressed Whitney Houston's death, for one, because the media has been covering it to the point where I'm beginning to dislike the song, "I have always loved you." The media goes berserk over every star's death, ad nauseam.  Secondly, I am grossly uninterested in Hollyweirdos mega rock star’s sin-filled lives and God-hating carrying on.  In fact, I wouldn't be writing a ...

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