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Is It Possible to Love Your Enemies If Bernie Madoff Is One of Them?

Date: 08/24/2009

This morning the New York Post reported that Bernie Madoff , the Ponzi schemist who's serving 150 years for swindling $65 billion, is ill with pancreatic cancer. This afternoon the Prison Bureau released a statement , "While the NY Post story is full of inaccuracies, and we can't specifically address all of them, we can tell you that Bernie Madoff is not terminally ill, and has not be ...

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Does Bernie Madoff have cancer?

Date: 08/21/2009

Here's an irresponsible rumor I'm launching into the blogosphere, courtesy of a friend in North Carolina: A couple of my long-term customer friends are prison guards at Butner (just north of Durham ) where they sent Bernie Madoff. One of the guards, [name redacted], was in my shop this week, and I got to ask him about his life with Bernie. He told me it's an open secret in the Butner facility t ...

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How To Say "I Quit"--And How NOT To

Date: 08/25/2009

First off, don't do what I did. I think I have mentioned the mean boss I once had . Well, after several months of being browbeat, the day came when I couldn't take it another minute.  What'd I do? I literally packed up my things and walked out the door that very day. I shot my intolerable employer a polite but firm explanatory email (fingers trembling the whole time), removed ...

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Better than stock tips from Bernie Madoff

Date: 08/13/2009

Karl Rove complains that Barack Obama doesn't know the difference between campaigning and governing, and is foolishly turning his opponents into enemies.

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Bernie Madoff's Sentencing Over - Good News?

Date: 06/29/2009

You know Bernie Madoff , of course. The guy with the onomatopoeia for a name? The Madoff sentencing is now complete. Bernard Madoff is going to jail for an 150 year sentence for his $50 billion Ponzi Scheme . The list of Madoff victims is as vast as the sky, and mostly Jewish (why screw others when you can screw your own people?). Firstly, why don't they just convert it to a life s ...

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Rwandan Genocide Leaders Get a Whopping Sentence in Court...

Date: 07/16/2009

Not. On Tuesday, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda sentenced a former governor of Rwanda to life imprisonment for his role in the 1994 genocide. This is the third such ruling this year; previous convictions by the U.N. court include 25 years in prison for a military chaplain convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity, and 30 years to a civil servant for genocide and inciteme ...

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Walter Cronkite and the Death of Trust

Date: 07/17/2009

"Newsman Walter Cronkite, who died at the age of 92, was so thoroughly and uniquely linked with the word "trust" that it is tempting to say that the word should be buried with him. In the generation since he left the anchor desk at the CBS Evening News, there have been other public figures who inspire passion, devotion, confidence, intensity and personal identification. But trust, that milder but ...

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Bernie Madoff sentenced to 150 years

Date: 06/29/2009

That's sentence the prosecutor was asking for and got. I guess his victims can rest assured that he got such a harsh sentence.

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