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Trailer: The Letters, the Story of Mother Teresa

Date: 08/15/2014

Juliet Stevenson stars as Mother Teresa in the story of the extraordinary woman who cared for "the poorest of the poor."

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What You Are Saying Re: Driscoll

Date: 08/15/2014

My last post generated some helpful, constructive input from fellow saints and sinners who read it.  Thank you, all. Saint and sinner Bruce writes:  You know I respect you and appreciate your writing, but I think this is a pride issue, not an evangelical issue. The Catholic Church, Lutherans, Presbyterians and others all face scandals of moral failures from leaders. Their perspectives on the B ...

Related Topics: Faith And Prayer, Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill, Evangelicals And Women, Crosscut, Evangelicals And Power

BLOG Unpardonable Sin?

Date: 08/14/2014

Suicide Saint Augustine believed this in the fifth century and, as a consequence, this became the Church's position regarding suicide for centuries. But Saint Augustine was wrong about this, just as he has been wrong about many other things, including "original sin." For most of my life, I have let the Church do much of my thinking for me. Which, if you do not know by now, I regard as the ultim ...

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Alberto Cutié, Priest Who Broke His Celibacy Vow, Opens Up About Life after Scandal

Date: 08/08/2014

You may remember Father Alberto Cutié, one of the country’s most revered Roman Catholic priests, known for his charisma and spirit of giving back. But five years ago, everything changed. Tabloids leaked photos of Cutié kissing a woman at a Miami Beach, which rattled Miami’s Catholic community. Having broken his celibacy vow, he was removed from his parish and forced to confront his future in ...

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Interview: John Michael McDonagh and Brendan Gleeson of "Calvary"

Date: 08/06/2014

Brendan Gleeson in "Calvary" Writer/director John Michael McDonagh and Brendan Gleeson met with my friend John Hanlon and me to talk about "Calvary," where Gleeson plays an Irish priest in an oceanside community that is filled with sadness, regret, and loss. Some of the movie's most important scenes take place on the beach. McDonagh spoke to us about the landscape and the way it helps to def ...

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Tom Petty Gets Political

Date: 07/28/2014

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' upcoming album, Hypnotic Eye, reveals a political side of the famous song legend. In a recent interview with Billboard, Petty was very candid about the inspiration and his overall feelings about the Catholic church and other things political. "Playing Dumb," a track on the new album, is centered on the sex abuse scandals with the Catholic Church.  Petty say ...

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A funny thing happened on the way to Jesus: "Seinfeld" writer Tom Leopold shares his heartfelt and inspiring faith journey + Thank you, Meshach Taylor + "Supernanny" on UP

Date: 07/03/2014

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture So, there's this convert... I first met Tom Leopold , the accomplished sitcom writer ( Seinfeld, Cheers, Will & Grace ), comedian and host of Entertaining Truth on SiriusXM's Catholic Channel (Ch. 129/Thursdays, 1 PM ET) right after he was honored with The Christopher Spirit Award earlier this year in New Yor ...

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