The Catholic Church and the Holocaust-Denying Bishop

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The Wrong Gospel and How It’s Chasing People out of Church

Date: 05/09/2014

An increasing number of people are opting to walk a different, truly narrow path, as they search for the truth. Cadence, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas, iCanvasART, and I know a lot -- a LOT -- of people who were raised in a church, no longer attend, and want nothing to do with God. Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Metho ...

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The Vatican Diaries: A Review

Date: 04/11/2014

Sex. Money. Power. Corruption. Controversy. Scandal. Since the 1980's Catholic News Service reporter John Thavis has been covering all of it and more—not from a post in Las Vegas or the nation's Capitol but from (of all places) the Vatican. Which may explain why Thavis prefaces his New York Times bestseller The Vatican Diaries (Penguin) with this epigram from St. Augustine: "This is the ...

Related Topics: Faith And Prayer, Pope Benedict, Catholic Church, Pope Francis, John Thavis, The Vatican Diaries, Church Sex Abuse Scandal, Vatileaks


Pope Francis: As Clever a Politician as They Come

Date: 04/04/2014

Much to the disappointment of this Catholic, Pope Francis balked on a golden opportunity to convey to the world just how fundamentally, how vehemently, the vision of the Church differs from that of President Obama when the two met a couple of weeks back. Why?  Can it be that Francis is the fellow traveler that the left-wing press has been making him out to be? Resoundingly, Roman Catholic writer ...

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Responding to the Complaints about "Noah"

Date: 02/25/2014

As I noted earlier, Variety reported the results of a bogus survey as though it represented legitimate concerns from the faith community about the upcoming film, "Noah," starring Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofsky.  It is always disappointing when a small portion of the Christian community perpetuates the worst stereotypes too-often assigned to all believers, coming across as shrill, ...

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How Many Friends Do You Have?

Date: 02/24/2014

Be honest with me now: in a group setting, how free do you feel to TRULY be yourself? Eyrie, original oil painting by Steve Henderson. Licensed, open edition print at Great Big Canvas. In the highly controlled, conformist society into which I was born (the United States), how successful -- and normal -- you are depends on certain factors, many of which have to do with participating in group ...

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Next for the Gay Rights Movement - Filling the Spiritual Dimension

Date: 02/10/2014

It's taken decades for gay activists to achieve the most basic right that every minority deserves: equality under the law. In principle one might say that the battle has been won, even if some states are dragging their heels and some groups mount fierce resistance. Thirty years ago it took mass protests to push for major funding of AIDS research, and the overturning of antiquated, prejudiced sodo ...

Related Topics: Spirituality, Gay Rights, Christian Gays


30 Days of Love: faith and social justice

Date: 02/09/2014

Today's 30 Days of Love prompt is to look at the social justice programs of another faith. Initially I thought I'd write about engaged Buddhism again, as many Americans are unfamiliar with it. But when I went to look for social justice images to use in today's post, I found this one, courtesy of U. S. Catholic . It comes from an article I must have been meant to see, as it's a topic I oft ...

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