The Catholic Church and the Holocaust-Denying Bishop

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SiriusXM's Catholic Channel offering 24/7 coverage on Pope Francis in America

Date: 09/21/2015

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. Pope Francis, Radio Star. The above video shows Catholic Channel hosts Lino Rulli ( The Catholic Guy ) and Fr. Dave Dwyer ( The Busted Halo Show ) enthusiastically reporting on the 2013 announcement of the selection of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (nka Pope Francis ...

Related Topics: Entertainment, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Donald Trump, Lino Rulli (The Catholic Guy), Fr. Dave Dwyer (The Busted Halo Show), Pope Francis In America . Siriusxm's Catholic Channel


Why Pope Francis and His Annulment Reform Holds Promise for Catholics

Date: 09/18/2015

I sit with my shrimp salad and iced tea before me. The restaurant is busy and seating limited. An older woman squeezes into the bench next to me. We sit side by side, enjoying our salads for one with chit chat for two. Our conversation progresses from living in this metropolitan area, to my column and then to the visit of Pope Francis. "I'm not Catholic," says the woman. "Only I love your Pope ...

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The Philosophy, and Theology, of "Breaking Bad"

Date: 09/17/2015

Walter Hartwell White, an (exceedingly) overqualified middle-aged high school chemistry teacher, despite never having smoked, is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer on his 50 th birthday. Sorely lacking the financial resources to see to it that his wife, handicapped teenage son, and unborn daughter are cared for upon his death, Walt deploys his genius and skill toward the end of manufacturing—“c ...

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Do moderate Islamic politics have a future in Europe?

Date: 08/15/2015

J'ai un but, une tâche, disons le mot, une passion. Le métier d'écrire en est une violente et presque indestructible. I have an object, a task, let me say the word, a passion. The profession of writing is a violent and almost indestructible one. George Sand When I wrote my dissertation on "Islamist terrorism" for my degree, the central thesis of that piece was that the democrat ...

Related Topics: Faith, News, UK, ISIL, Islamic State, Morality, Muslim Brotherhood, Moderate Islamism, Moderate Islamic Parties, Moderate Islamist Groups, Muslim Brotherhood In Britain, Extremism, Moderate Islam, Islam As An Ideology, Islam Ideology, Islamic Youth, Islamization, Growth Of Islam In Europe, World's Fastest Growing Religion, Fastest Growing Religion In Britain, Civil War


Anthony de Mello on Awakening to Our True Reality

Date: 08/07/2015

Below is a transcription from a portion of a seminar by Anthony de Mello - A Jesuit priest from India, who is widely regarded for his teachings on practical spirituality. He died in 1987, and his writings have been criticized by the Catholic church. I'm grateful for having been exposed to his common sense wisdom. Below is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy. What I'm about to say will sou ...

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Some Surprise You Others Disappoint

Date: 07/29/2015

My son is getting ready to go somewhere. I can see the visible heartache. I know what is bothering him. "Why do you care?" I say in exasperation. "If you peel back the layers. It's one person. Only one person that is weighing you down. Every single other person believed in you. Why are you giving that one person so much power?" Not long after I am walking with "Cookie" and "Candy." We chat as w ...

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What The Pope and My Uncle The Priest Have in Common

Date: 07/27/2015

I am watching America's Got Talent. I have my laptop on my lap sifting through e-mails. It's been a long day. No, today has been a very, very long day. A choir sings. They sound magnificent. The audience and judges love them. They interview the head of the choir and he says, "To God be the glory." I know I shouldn't. It's been a hard day only I can't help myself once I hear those words. It is a ...

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