2010 Haiti Earthquake

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From Handouts to Empowerment

Date: 08/18/2013

The Christian Post recently announced an innovative strategy by my friends at Food for the Poor to both help those in need and create jobs for those in need. An excerpt is below. My question to readers: What other ideas are you seeing that go beyond helping the poor but also empowering those in need? +++ In a move to help Haitian farmers as well as to supply food even more efficiently to t ...



Should Christians Be Environmentalists?

Date: 08/19/2013

I recently read an article that asked if Christians can be environmentalists. Blow by blow, each side produced its reasons for and against this question, as if the issue was up for debate. But here is what is really at stake: 1. Christians believe God created the earth. 2. Genesis says God called it good. So the real question for those who call themselves Christians is, "How are we to t ...



Erasing Racism

Date: 08/17/2013

In kindergarten, racism was not part of my vocabulary. My friends had skin of all kinds of colors in our somewhat urban environment. We were brothers and sisters, friends and buddies. Whether learning to tie our shoes or eat glue, we were one family.Second grade presented a different twist. My parents left the city like an episode of Beverley Hillbillies. Only in reverse. We lived in a trai ...



Start Your Own Movement

Date: 08/16/2013

Ever wonder how non-violent revolutions begin, operate, or succeed? Movements.org has been chronicles and now leading efforts to promote social change through non-violent movements around the world. You can learn everything from how to send a tweet when your country shuts down Twitter to how to mass organize an effort in your community. The options are endless--the only missing ingredient is y ...



Changing Haiti from the Inside Out

Date: 07/20/2013

Big news from Activist Faith co-founder Dan King and friends from HelpOneNow.org ... +++ You're reading about the #Help1Haiti Bloggers Trip. Read more: here we go... @helponenow haiti bloggers 2012 three reasons to follow the @helponenow haiti bloggers sometimes it's messy work on the importance of coming back in which God is up to something together ...



Using Social Media to Stop Slavery

Date: 08/15/2013

The US 2011 Trafficking in Persons national report included an important insight for today's online activists. The entire document includes lengthy details regarding the status of human trafficking in nearly every nation of the world, but I mention it here because of one development in which you may have played a part--using social media to stop slavery. The excerpt reads: As shown in the recent ...



Write a Letter, Change a Life

Date: 08/14/2013

Did you know you can actually write letters to Christians who have been arrested because of their faith? At PrisonerAlert.com , you can write a letter to the persecuted believer listed each month. This is an opportunity to encourage a believer imprisoned for their faith in a very personal and direct way. Just this week, I wrote a quick note to an imprisoned believer in Afghanistan name Said ...



A Life Changed by Compassion

Date: 08/12/2013

There's a reason I sponsor a child through Compassion International- -Compassion changes lives. Richmond is one of them. His story is shared in short below, but you have to view the video to watch him share the story himself. If you think sending money each month to release someone in poverty doesn't work, Richmond's experience will change your mind. Of course, I encourage you to check out spo ...


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