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What If You're Too Timid to Be "Bold for Christ"?

Date: 10/15/2014

I became a Christian at 19. For the first 25 years, I diligently attended church services, which means that I came into regular contact with Christians comfortable in that setting, and for the last eight years, I have been transitioning into a more independent state, finding fellowship with seekers and believers in alternative formats. Small, weak, helpless and fragile -- it's okay, and hone ...

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When a Rabbi Announces He is Gay

Date: 10/08/2014

Rabbi Gil Steinhauf. Courtesy of Adas Israel Congregation. Religious leaders are public figures. We live on display. People look at what we drive, what we eat, what we wear. Unfortunately, sometimes we hide parts of ourselves in order to conform to people’s expectations. We might convey feelings of invulnerability or perfection in public as we struggle in private. Trying to be differe ...

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Jesus and the Buddha

Date: 10/05/2014

Jesus said, "Deny thyself" (Luke 9:23). The Buddha spoke of "Non-self" or "No self." Both Christians and Buddhists frequently misunderstand what these teachers meant. Jesus and the Buddha (Photo Used by Permission What Christians Have Been Taught Christians, for example, mistakenly think Jesus was suggesting his followers had to deny, denigrate, dissolve, or dis ...

Related Topics: The Buddha, Jesus, Human, No Self, Deny Thyself, Living Buddha, Living Christ, Jesus And The Buddha, Denying Yourself, Divine, Being A Christian, Angry, Feeling Angry, To Deny Self


Love is Strange

Date: 08/28/2014

Love is strange.  As this movie opens, a deeply devoted couple of more than three decades wakes up and prepares for a big, important, emotional, happy occasion.  They bicker a little bit, but it is clear to them and to us that these are reassuringly familiar rhythms for them, almost a contrapuntal love duet in words.  Later in the film, two people who admire and care for each other deeply but a ...

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Interview: Ira Sachs of "Love is Strange"

Date: 08/24/2014

It's hard to imagine that there will be a more tender love story on screen this year than John Lithgow and Alfred Molina in "Love is Strange," from writer/director Ira Sachs.  They play a long-time couple who get married after decades together but then end up living separately when they can no longer afford their apartment. One of my all-time favorite interviews was with Sachs for his film, " ...

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Magic in the Moonlight

Date: 07/31/2014

Woody Allen's 44th film is an amuse bouche without a meal, a dollop of whipped cream without the dessert underneath.  In last year's film, "Blue Jasmine," the strength of the performances (especially Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett) and the resonance of its Bernie Madoff-ish crossed with "Streetcar Named Desire" plot line provided a simulacrum of seriousness of purpose that suggested a deeper meani ...

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Skepticism and a Million Dollar Challenge

Date: 06/23/2014

When public perception is skewed and distorted, it's important to push back. I've found myself doing this in the arena of skepticism. Without a doubt we live in a skeptical age, and it affects everyone. To doubt is a tool for finding truth, but like every positive value, there are pitfalls. Skepticism, of the kind advanced by characters as diverse as James "The Amazing" Randi, Richard Dawkins, Lau ...

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Movies Get Wiser About GLBT: How To Train Your Dragon 2 and 22 Jump Street

Date: 06/13/2014

This week's two big national releases are both sequels featuring Jonah Hill.  But they have something more important in common: Both reflect a wiser, kinder, more just treatment of GLBT characters.  It was only a few years ago that I wrote an article about the disturbing prevalence of gender and sexual orientation "jokes" in movies for families that ranged from insensitive to insulting to downri ...

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