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Where is the Christ in Christianity?

Date: 07/08/2015

I was driving into town yesterday and was behind a truck that had a bumper sticker that said keep the Christ in Christmas. It got me thinking. When I explore the teachings of Jesus two things stand out most strongly for me: love and the concept of judge not least you be judged.    When I look at some of the rhetoric people who call themselves Christian espouse I am appalled. Where i ...

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Why orthodox muslims should celebrate the gay marriage ruling

Date: 06/27/2015

The news that the Supreme Court has struck down barriers to same-sex marriage nationwide is truly a victory for civil rights. While homosexuals haven't faced the same sustained, institutionalized violent terrorism that black Americans suffered, they have suffered a more quiet form of oppression in recent decades of denial and humiliation and insult, often deprived basic human compassion and dig ...

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secrets, closets, and religious judgment

Date: 07/01/2015

I have a dear friend who is, almost certainly, gay. We never discuss this -- sexual behaviour isn't a normal topic of conversation in most friendships! I worry that my friend has no partner, that my friend's church and community are adamantly judgmental -- in the most negative of ways -- of gays. To come out of the closet, for my friend, would mean losing most of the many communities to which ...

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Interview: Thomas Miller of Limited Partnership

Date: 06/11/2015

[youtube][/youtube] In 1975, a Boulder, Colorado county clerk issued six marriage licenses to gay couples, including Filipino-American Richard Adams and his Australian husband, Tony Sullivan.  Richard immediately filed for a green card for Tony based on their marriage. But unlike most heterosexual married couples who easily file petitions and obtain gre ...

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David Brooks and "The Big Me"—A Critique

Date: 06/02/2015

[caption id="attachment_5579" align="alignleft" width="395"] David Brooks' latest book is the subject of an edifying interview in the June 2015 issue of Christianity Today.[/caption] In the midst of preparing for this major house renovation, for which mental health breaks have come in the form of way too many back-to-back episodes of the T.V. series "Breaking Bad," and regrettably less writin ...

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pizza: cold or hot, and engaged Buddhism vs intolerance

Date: 03/09/2015

[caption id="attachment_10065" align="alignleft" width="300"][/caption] We had pizza for dinner last night. So today -- as most pizza eaters know -- was 'leftover pizza' day. Here's the deal: my beloved must  heat his. I eat it hot the first night, cold after. I actually like  cold pizza! The very idea seems, to him, almost revolting. We have similar differences when we b ...

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Unfinished Business

Date: 03/05/2015

[caption id="attachment_33357" align="alignleft" width="300"] Copyright 20th Century Fox 2015[/caption] "Unfinished Business" is a story about three renegade renegades from bureaucracy going up against The Man and the importance of the individual in an era of soul-grinding corporatism. But the movie itself is clearly the product of institutional over-management, as though it was put together ...

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Myron Pauli: "Barack Obama: All American"

Date: 02/26/2015

In what follows, all-around bright guy, Myron Pauli, weighs in on the brouhaha surrounding Rudy Giuliani's judgment that President Obama doesn't "love America."  Dr. Pauli provides some real food for thought.  If he's right--and, tragically, it's tough to show that he isn't--than America's problems are much, much larger than this president.   In scientific research and on Jeopardy , it is ess ...

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