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War of the Worldviews Part Two: Let's Talk Evolution

Date: 10/10/2011

In our touring debates on science versus spirituality, Caltech physics professor Leonard Mlodinow and I take turns claiming to be the underdog. This is never more confusing than when it comes to debating Darwinism. Evolution has been a wedge issue for a century and a half. Biologists consider Darwin's concept of the evolution of species incontrovertible; indeed, it may be the single greatest idea ...

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Students encouraged to challenge "evolutionary dogma"

Date: 08/24/2011

Students have a right to question "evolutionary pseudo-science" and "evolutionary dogma," according to the "Question Evolution" campaign and should be encouraged to do so, says Louis Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition. The coalition is offering  brochures, caps and t-shirts announcing kids' opposition to Charles Darwin and the theories of evolution. Kids should be challenged to questio ...

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What Darwin, Freud and Jung taught me about faith

Date: 07/08/2011

Sometimes, I look back on the survival of my personal faith within the crucible of a liberal arts college education as nothing less than a miracle. Like many preachers kids, I came out of a sheltered, fundamentalist Christian (and Pentecostal at that) upbringing unprepared, spiritually and intellectually, for the maelstrom of questioning that awaited me on campus. So, it may sound strange ...

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"I Pledge Allegiance to Darwin"

Date: 06/22/2011

Having just returned from Israel, I found NBC's "Pledge of Allegiance" debacle extra-fascinating. I also just finished reading an absolutely extraordinary book, Banquet at Delmonico's, by Barry Werth. The visit, NBC, and Werth's book all dovetailed for me, as I have listened to folks all over the country question, with outrage, how a major network could "edit-out God" from the Pledge of Allegian ...



Is Evolution Ready to Evolve?

Date: 06/09/2011

Although science prides itself on objectivity, it has some cherished articles of belief, and if you question them, however reasonably, you can expect ire and raised hackles. Bruce Lipton has discovered this after posting " Has Modern Science Bankrupted Our Souls ?" In it he challenges basic assumptions of modern science, such as the pre-eminence of a Newtonian physical universe and the conception ...

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In praise of JESUS®

Date: 05/25/2011

A ccording to scripture, upon returning to heaven after his death and resurrection, Jesus sat down in a chair next to God. I imagine them sitting like this often, watching the events on Planet Earth and making commentary. My guess would be that, after lengthy dialogues regarding natural disasters, poverty, disease, and whether or not to keep Bono on retainer, God and Jesus might discuss mo ...



National "Make Fun of Christians' View of the End Times" Day

Date: 05/23/2011

I too am one of the many people who chuckled at news stories about Harold Camping’s prediction that the world was going to end on May 21st.  As a Bible believer, it was clear that his predictions were more science fiction meets Beautiful Mind than anything Biblical or historical.  I was shocked that educated people could fall for such nonsense. As today becomes “Make-fun-of-all-Christians’-vi ...



I performed the funeral for a 17 year old with cancer

Date: 05/18/2011

Today was a long day. It began with a phone call to a father who sobbed over the phone as we disguised final funeral arrangements. His 17 year old son passed away a few days earlier. I met Mitch back in January when he started attending our church. He wanted the Bible's answers to tough questions. One of those questions is "What happens when we die." Unlike the rest of us who may wonder about ...

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