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Do Your Emotions Help You or Hold You Back?

Date: 01/26/2015

Recently, a close friend of mine made the remark that our emotions for the most part are basic, primal, immature, and unevolved. Ever since then, I have been ruminating on the validity of this statement. If our emotions are basically primitive, then how they be our allies, especially on the path to personal growth? Might emotions be so backward that they are enemies of growth instead? Like most g ...

Related Topics: Evolution, Emotions, Toxic Emotions


How Richard Dawkins Lost His Battle with God

Date: 11/17/2014

When he wrote his 2006 best-seller, The God Delusion , Richard Dawkins expected to accomplish two aims that have proved to be remarkable failures. The first aim was social. He wanted to attract a horde of doubters, fence-sitters, and agnostics to gather their courage and join the atheist ranks. This never happened. There has been a quiet, steady decline in church attendance for at least fifty yea ...

Related Topics: God, Consciousness, Richard Dawkins, Faith, Belief In God, Naive Realism, The God Delusion


Crucifixion: A New Way to Think about Jesus' Death

Date: 04/20/2014

Crucifixion Of Jesus Why did Jesus die? The most honest answer? Nobody really knows. Not even the Apostle Paul and he was likely the first to write about these matters  (Romans 5 and 1 Corinthians 12). Death by crucifixion is a painful, slow death and virtually unimaginable to the modern mind.  History tells us that the Romans put thousands of people by death by crucifixion . Photo u ...

Related Topics: Christianity, Church, Atonement, Crucifixion, Crucifixion Of Jesus, Death Of Jesus, Jesus' Death, Substitutionary Atonement


Happy Birthday, Darwin!

Date: 02/13/2014

As my husband had surgery today, and I've been helping him prepare (yesterday), and then spent today at the hospital, today's post is an extended  riff on one from last year, also on Darwin's birthday. I love science. And of course Darwin — like Da Vinci, like Einstein, like Copernicus — dominates it. Today is his birthday, and I promise this post has to do w/ beginner's heart (at least even ...

Related Topics: Health And Wellness


The Rise and Fall of Militant Skepticism

Date: 11/04/2013

Skepticism has gotten itself into a pickle - perhaps something a lot more serious than a pickle - that is undermining its good name. The credibility of Wikipedia may be at stake (see below). We live in a skeptical age, because the cornerstone of science, "Everything must be verified," is a skeptical position. When a researcher claims to have accomplished something remarkable, such as cold fusion, ...

Related Topics: Richard Dawkins, Rupert Sheldrake, Wikipedia, Skepticism


Work remains to realize Eddy's hope

Date: 09/06/2013

Today, in homes and churches, as well as on Twitter and Facebook, Mary Baker Eddy’s words are repeated. That is, of course, appropriate. Her words are thought provoking and filled with many profound images. Borrowing effectively from Christ Jesus, the apostle Paul, John Wesley, the Declaration of Independence, and Alfred Tennyson’s “Hope, Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ...

Related Topics: Official Church, Christian Science Beliefs, Mary Eddy Baker, Healing And Christian Science, Spiritual Icon, God And Evolution


Can Science Prove God?

Date: 07/19/2013

Can science prove God? For the last several centuries this question would have seemed absurd. Galileo was forced to recant his discoveries before the Pope. Darwin faced vociferous opposition from religious quarters. Today, however, a new way of thinking has found expression among devout scientists. Perhaps its most articulate representative is Frances Collins, the former head of the Human G ...

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No, Creationism is NOT Science; It's Religion (Part Four)

Date: 01/12/2013

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry , the theory of evolution is far from "a theory in crisis," and is in fact fully accepted by the overwhelming majority of scientists worldwide. Within the U.S. alone (where belief in creationism is widespread among the public), polls indicate that about 95% of scientists generally, and over 99% of scientists actually working in relevant fields such as li ...

Related Topics: Blog 347, January 2013

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