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The Fifth Estate

Date: 10/17/2013

In late medieval times, when people first began to divide each other into groups defined by status and power, they began to speak of a "first estate" (the clergy), a "second estate" (the nobility, which also at the time meant the government), and a "third estate" (the common people.  Later, the "fourth estate" was added to describe journalists and what today we call news media.  Julian Assange ...

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What shall I do with all this Awareness?

Date: 09/16/2013

Non-Profits love people like me. People with initiative and influence, people who already care, who don’t need to be sold on why the mission is important. They love to give me flyers, they love to link me to Facebook pages, they love to sell me T-Shirts, and accept donations. But I have a hard time finding agencies that will let me or my college students do anything else. "Raising Awa ...

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The First Points of Light Award

Date: 07/15/2013

When President George H. W. Bush gave the first Points of Lights Awards, one of them went to a NASA employee named Frank S. Howard who was a volunteer for The Special Gathering of Indian River. Frank S. Howard The fact that Frank S. Howard was my husband and I am the area director for The Special Gathering of Indian River, I've felt a close connection to the organization.  As Presiden ...

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Why Should You Care About the Controversial DSM V?

Date: 06/04/2013

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), version 5, is finally out after years of debate and posturing. This book is considered the "Bible" of psychiatry. It is the one used by all clinicians and doctors to give diagnoses so insurance companies will pay for mental health benefits and so treatment can be directed. It is part science and part art and that can be a problem. For example, in 1968, ...

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Autism Risk Linked to Newborn's Placenta

Date: 05/16/2013

One in 50 children are now diagnosed with autism (CDC). Right now, there are no definitive tests to tell whether a child will develop autism, but we know that the earlier we detect autism, the better we can serve a child. So how about detection at birth? A new study by Yale researchers and UC Davis' MIND Institute discovered a tool they can use to detect who is likely at risk when a child is ...

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Medicine Keeps Changing But Not Well-Being

Date: 05/27/2013

By Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP Anyone who regularly follows the medical news from the Associated Press or New York Times will get the impression of fickleness. Research studies sometimes advance medical knowledge, but basic findings also seem to contradict one another. Take a recent study that seemed to show that the recommended low-salt diet for preventing high blood pressure and heart disease in ...

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Partial payment

Date: 02/28/2013

Today I finished the final payment for a set of storage cabinets that I asked All Around Handyman and Lawn Service to do for me.  They are beautiful enough to have in my home; but they are in the garage.  When Matt began the work, I wasn't familiar with his work; and I wrote out the first partial-payment check with a bit of concern. Sure he had given me a great price and I really needed som ...

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