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Abortion: A Prayer of Repentance for Healing

Date: 01/22/2013

“God, I come to you broken and ashamed. I am sick with regret and don’t know where else to go. Have mercy on me. I know that the choice I made to end this pregnancy defied your heart and your law. You create life. We must never presume that it is ours to give, or take away. My own life is a gift from you; I would not want another human to determine my destiny. And yet in my desperation I made t ...

Related Topics: Healing, Absolution, Roe Vs Wade, Abortion, Guilt, Shame, Pardon, Terminate, Pregnancy, Pregnant, Unwanted Pregnancy, Baby


Police charge tree-climbing inauguration protester

Date: 01/23/2013

[caption id="attachment_22829" align="alignleft" width="300"] Here's the tree that Rives Miller Grogan allegedly climbed and allegedly stayed in for 5 hours during Obama's Inaug to show his support for the right to life of the preborn and to demonstrate his opposition to Obama's anti-life, pro-death agenda. It got Grogan banned from Washington DC! So much for our right to petition for redress ...

Related Topics: U.S. Capitol, Obama Inauguration 2013, Rives Miller Grogan, Climbed 40 Feet Up A Tree, Pray To End Abortion, Banned From Washington DC, Antiabortion Activist, Minister To The Preborn, Disorderly Conduct, Disobeying Police, “Stop Killing The Babies”, Wonderful Christian Man, God Leads Him To D.C., People Should Be Allowed To Protest, God Will Judge Not The Courts


Women's Movement Is World Wide! Part 2

Date: 01/18/2013

  Women's Movement Is World Wide! Part 2 The Internationalization of Women's Issues By Luisita Lopez Torregrosa Published: January 8, 2013   Separately, the Women in the World Foundation, which will have its fourth annual conference in New York City in April, announced that a fund-raising appeal in the name of Ms. Yousafzai had collected more than $100,000 in donations t ...

Related Topics: Blog 111, Holistic Living, Queen, Women Leaders, Power, Empowerment, Powerful Women, Transformation, Courage, Peace, Community, Change, Women Ceo's, Women Senators


Time Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers Unions

Date: 01/14/2013

Calvin's Commentary : If your children are in public schools, get them out! They are not in educational classes to enable them to read, write and do math and get a job, but to be indoctrinated in socialistic, communist brainwashing centers to reorganize their moral compass from godly rules to those of socialist communists dictators' promises of utopia. The first step to accomplish t ...

Related Topics: Teachers, Schools, Education, Teachers Salaries, Public Education, Teachers Union, American Federation Of Teachers, Schools As Abortion Providers, Public Schools, Perverts In Public Government Schools, Homeschooling, Public School Corruption, Teachers Gone Wild, Obscene Language Normal In Schools, National Education Association, NEA, Public Government Schools, Homeschool, Public School, Bans Churches In Public Schools, Teachers Manual, Federal School Nutrition Guildelines, School Violence, Reform The School System, School Curriculum, School Lunches, Transexual Teachers, Wear Pink In Schools

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