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A House of Horrors in Philadelphia

Date: 04/04/2013

Gosnell is NOT a doctor. His license had been revoked Abortionist Kermit Barron Gosnell is an American doctor(?)-that's questionable) in Philadelphia who ran two multi-million dollar abortion practices. After a controversy nearly a year earlier, Gosnell was arrested in January 2011, charged with eight counts of murder: one patient who allegedly died under his care after a botched abortio ...

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Killing John Wayne: Why the Left Wanted for the Boston Bomber to be White

Date: 04/19/2013

The alleged culprits behind the Boston Marathon bombing have been found.  Yet all along, leftist have wanted for nothing other than for it to be revealed that white men are responsible for the attack. Only the self-delusional and the deceptive, the ignoramus and the liar, will deny that over the course of the last five decades, our politically correct zeitgeist has demonized white men while ...



Faux Conservatives, the Script, and the Death of the Conservative Movement

Date: 04/09/2013

The conservative movement is dying, if it isn’t already dead.  But neither “the left” nor some rightist doctrine is the culprit.  Rather, the movement is reaching the point of extinction because those of whom it is comprised, and its spokespersons particularly, have all but killed it. And they’ve killed it by abandoning conservatism in favor of the ideology of their opponents.    The self-descr ...



Rebellion or Revival - Woe or Wow!

Date: 04/05/2013

Jesus is the Only Way to God.  God is the only way to save America! Read More:

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against choices (& lives...): when religion becomes political ~

Date: 03/13/2013

Today my state House of Representatives passed two bills that will cause only grief & pain for as many as 1,000 young Oklahoma women. The state House has seen fit to make judicial bypass -- the avenue by which minor women may petition to have an abortion w/out notifying their parents -- far more difficult, even in cases of incest. A young Oklahoma woman -- and yes, I think a 'girl' of, ...

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Save the Girls!

Date: 02/28/2013

It's an unbelievable claim: 163 millions female babies aborted by women seeking sons . This is the information shared in Mara Hvistendahl's book Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences in a World Full of Men . But even if she's off by even ten or twenty percent, the headline remains tragic. Whatever your view of abortion in general, the fact that millions of abort ...



Untangling Faith from Politics

Date: 02/13/2013

Alisa Harris is a former New York-based journalist who has covered education, poverty and cultural issues. She writes on the intersection of faith and politics for and recently released a book entitled, Raised Right, How I U ntangled My Faith From Politics . I posted a mini-review here . Alisa was kind enough to stop by and answer a few questions for today’s Friday Five. ...


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