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"Gimme Shelter", "Alone Yet Not Alone" face stiff industry/media hurdles + A talk with Kathy DiFiore whose real-life work inspired "Gimme Shelter"

Date: 02/02/2014

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. [youtube][/youtube] Support Gimme Shelter .  Between the Motion Picture Academy's rescinding of its Best Song nomination for the Christian-themed Alone Yet Not Alone and some over-the top-negative reviews in the secular media of the gritty and powerful Gimme Shelter ( now i ...

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Gimme Shelter

Date: 01/23/2014

Vanessa Hudgens gives a touching and sensitive performance in this fact-based story of a pregnant, homeless teenager. Both Hudgens and writer/director Ron Krauss moved into a shelter so that they could do justice to the stories of these young women.  That dedication and integrity lifts this above the Afterschool Special formula for an affecting drama that shows us the resilience and courage of ...

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"Gimme Shelter" strikes a rare artistic balance between edginess and inspiration + A talk with writer/director/producer Ron Krauss

Date: 01/22/2014

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. Powerful Gimme Shelter hits theaters this Friday (1/24) [youtube][/youtube] Synopsis: Based on the inspiring true events, Gimme Shelter centers on the courageous story of Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens) and her incredible path to motherhood as a pregnant, homeless ...

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The Case of Edward Snowden: Reason versus Rhetoric

Date: 01/19/2014

For a conservative who seeks to conserve the tradition of constitutional liberty bequeathed to Americans by their Founders, the spectacle of self-sworn apostles of liberty in the so-called “conservative” media calling for Edward Snowden’s head on a platter is a painful one to behold. Yet neither is this sight particularly gratifying to those of us who prize sober thinking, for the logic underwri ...

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Can A Movie Change Your Mind About Politics?

Date: 01/19/2014

A provocative new study measured the effects of movies on the viewers' thoughts about political/public policy issues like the environment, abortion, and health care , even the viewers' overall faith in the political system.   Mother Jones explains some of the findings about the influence of particular movies .  This makes sense -- after all, there is a multi-billion dollar industry devoted to th ...

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Is Time Magazine's Person of the Year a communist? "Pope Francis: Our Brother, Our Friend" author Alejandro Bermudez speaks out

Date: 12/19/2013

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. [youtube][/youtube] Separating truth from media spin. By now you know that  Time Magazine has snubbed me once again and named Pope Francis as it 2013 Person of the Year. In explaining the decision Time Deputy Managing Editor Radhika Jones says “The Pope came onto the scene i ...

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Inside Llewyn Davis

Date: 12/19/2013

Oscar Isaac gives the best performance of the year as the title character in the most intimate and profound movie yet from the Coen brothers.  The story is set in the New York folk music world of 1961 and the Coens insisted on filming the songs live rather than pre-recording, and one of the wonders of this film is the way that Isaac makes each song more than a musical performance -- each is a ...

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Martin Luther King: Christianity is the Source of Civil Rights and Liberty: Why Fredrick Nietzsche Hated Christianity and Martin Luther Saw it as The Source of Liberty

Date: 11/28/2013

Loss of Life Gives us an Invitation to Engage. The second way Jesus was in a World of Pain was not in Egypt, but in Bethlehem.  There is a blood bath going on this Christmas.    All the children under the age of two will be killed.   And this example of Jesus is an invitation for you and I to draw near to Christ and engage in our broken world. 16 Then Herod, when he saw that he was deceived ...

Related Topics: Civil Rights And Christianity, Engage In A World Of Pain, Christian Inspiration

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