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A Multiple Choice Test for Conservatives

Date: 02/25/2016

Donald Trump is not now, nor has he ever been, any sort of conservative in the traditional or classical sense of that term. This being said, those self-declared “conservatives” in the media who have been tirelessly blasting Trump on this score are motivated by, not the love of truth but, rather, political partisanship. To hear them go on incessantly about Trump’s past outspokenness for position ...

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The Reality and Cost of Premarital Sex

Date: 02/16/2016

Tim and Kirsten eagerly engaged in our premarital counseling sessions. As we waded through the battery of premarital inventories and family background, sex was next on our list. This couple, like many I have counseled, was sexually active prior to meeting each other. Although committed to abstinence this time around, past sexual activity has taken a toll on their relationship contrary to what ...

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10 Righteous

Date: 02/15/2016

I have enjoyed watching politics since I first voted in 1968. I am a registered independent - always have been.  I have sent money to both Republicans and Democrats. That does not make me an expert on anything but I do have opinions on most things. But as I watched the last Republican debate I began to despair. Where is civility? Grown men at podiums interrupting each other, calling  each other ...

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Reasons For Trump

Date: 02/12/2016

In a recent essay, I submitted seven reasons to account for the reluctance of a conservative or libertarian to vote for Donald Trump. Yet these arguments only tell one side of this story. There are also reasons for why such a voter could gravitate to Trump. First, unlike every other candidate—including the “conservative” candidate, Ted Cruz, as well as the two Democrat presidential aspirants—T ...

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Touched With Fire

Date: 02/11/2016

Movies are fascinated with mentally ill people but they usually do not do a very good job of portraying them accurately or compassionately. Too often they are serial killers ("Silence of the Lambs"). Even worse, many times they are adorable wise fools ("Benny & Joon," "King of Hearts"), somehow tuned in to a finer way of thinking. We very seldom get to see them as people. But "Touched With ...

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Seven Reasons For Not Endorsing Trump

Date: 02/10/2016

For identifying the hypocrisy, inconsistencies, and, at times, opportunism of Donald Trump’s critics, both readers and acquaintances have concluded that I have endorsed Trump. The truth is that I’ve as yet endorsed no one. There are indeed reasons for a conservative or libertarian to recoil from Trump. (1)As I noted near the beginning of this contest, Trump is most certainly not any kind of ...

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National Review vs Trump II: What Exactly is "Conservatism?"

Date: 01/23/2016

That Donald Trump is no conservative is a proposition of which this conservative needs no convincing. On this score, the self-styled “conservative” contributors to the recent National Review symposium against Trump are correct. It is their conservative bona fides that I challenge. For example, Glenn Beck suggests that Trump is no conservative because along with Barack Obama, Trump supported ...

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Interview: "Armor of Light," the Documentary about Faith and Guns

Date: 11/04/2015

Armor of Light is a thought-provoking new documentary with important insights for everyone on all sides of the debate on guns. Documentarian Abigail Disney made a film about two people who are making a faith-based case for addressing gun violence to conservatives. Reverend Robert Schenck is an evangelical clergyman who has been very active in opposing abortion and Lucy McBath is the mother ...

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