New accusations connect Rick Warren with Chrislam

After an Orange County Register article describes Saddleback Community Church's outreaches to the Islamic community, pastor taken to task on conservative websites


02/08/2013 06:15:57 AM

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03/05/2012 01:06:08 PM

There are a number of important issues here to sort out and discuss, including Protestant evangelical and fundamentalist entanglements with conspiracy theory, a spiritual warfare model of engagement with culture and those of other religions, the continued influence of end-times prophecy views, a lack of consideration of the possibility of non-compromising yet civil dialogue, and an imbalance between an emphasis on carrying out the discipleship and evangelism mandate often to the neglect of an equal emphasis on becoming peacemakers in keeping with Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. There is also the issue on Warren's part on the need to more carefully nuance issues of great theological concern to conservative evangelicals. Those evangelicals interested in exploring uncompromising and civil relationships and conversations with those of other religions should visit the website of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy: