Atheists use "unholy water" to ceremonially defile highway

Christian groups had anointed the roadway, asking blessings on those who travel it and for God to protect the community from drug smugglers


07/22/2013 01:40:45 PM

Christians often wonder why atheists and freethinker do things like this and honestly put forth some really dumb responses. I'll pick a couple and sort them out for you all: Picking on just Christians- they're responding to what's in front of them. No religion in America has greater sway over daily life, law, and politics than the Christians. Why single out that which is not actively annoying you? If they don't believe in god- why believe there is anything to unwash, haha silly atheists- they don't. They were directly attacking the symbolic act with another symbolic act. Try to at least wrap your mind around the honest point another is making so you don't look so foolish when you comment. Ok, here's the deal. The atheist in this America is constantly shunned or forced to acknowledge Christian supremacy rather than risk jail or becoming a social outcast. Think about it- Christians shoved reverence to god in the currency, the pledge, and the national motto. Christians make witnesses in court affirm to their deity before testifying. Christians go around evangelizing their faith everywhere including in the halls of power. Atheists have decided that being silent in the face of all this no longer works for them. We represent many of the nations leading thinkers and doers yet we're expected to pay homage to beliefs that aren't our own every time we wish to use currency? Enough is enough already. Christians having been stomping on the values of others throughout the entire history of their religion and the rest of us are done being stepped on. Honestly, the comments in here and the pathetic neutralization effort in the article make me sick. Imagine a child who is constantly mugged everyday and the moment he fights back against his tormentors he is called the bully. Seriously, if Christians can't handle the slightest public disagreement with their beliefs and practices, they should stop making them so public. There millions of godless Americans. We have a better track record for being law-abiding members of society than Christians do. We don't eat babies and we don't exist to pummel Christians for sport. However, until this nation recognizes us as full members of society and stops forcing us to beseech our courts, serve our country, and spend our hard earned cash on bended knee to the Christian god, we will only get louder. If there's one thing we've learned over the past few decades of civil rights progress it is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. SQUEAK!!!


06/14/2012 08:57:55 AM

So Christians aren't out to change peoples beliefs - wouldn't that be covered by the whole preach the gospel thing. Shouldn't true Christians welcome the free exchange of ideas as Paul appeared to do in the New Testament. Surely untested "blind" faith is the anathema of true Christianity where the emphasis is not on seeking unity but truth. Scientific studies clearly show how easily the human mind can be made to believe things that are untrue; by the use of psychological techniques. This should make Christians more aware of how important it is to put all things to the test - to be open to the possibility that stuff they know just isn't so. Any study of Christian history will show that many beliefs held to be certainties in one era, were then revealed to be fallacies, in later eras. We should not be surprised if some dearly held beliefs today suffer the same fate. If Christians would subject their thinking to the rigorous testing required by the teachings of the bible they would gain much more respect, and a more ready ear, from non-Christians.


03/22/2012 11:08:37 PM

I swear that these athiests need to get a life! Are their lives so boring and meaningless that they make an issue about every little thing? They call people who believe in God "bigots" but no one is trying to change their beliefs! Last I heard we don't torture and burn "heretics"! We have freedom of religion here and that means the athiests can believe what they want and the rest of us can believe what we want. The fact of the matter is that they are the bigots who want to force their beliefs on us! As I understand it, one of the objections that athiests have is that a lot of wars are started and kept going by religion. Actually most of the time religion is just used as a rallying point to get people riled up. It has nothing to do with God. These militant athiests are doing the exact same thing, they are using their beliefs to create a lot of needless conflict. Probably so they can feel important. They seem to think that any display of religion is an attack on them. Why? I would love to hear of any legitimate case of persecution against athiests. I have not heard any stories of athiests where they have been physically assaulted for their beliefs, or who have been denied employment, or any of the other criteria where anybody could legitimately claim discrimination. In fact I don't really think that most people even care whether someone is athiest or not! As in most cases of the athiests throwing their tantrums, it is just much ado about nothing.


03/22/2012 03:57:02 AM

pmksou: Have you ever checked your facts? The Muslim Allah is the God of Abraham, just like our God. They descended from Abraham just as the Jews did. Also, Buddha is Chinese in origin, not India. Krisna is from India. If you truly believe in the Bible, you would know that the judgement over who goes to heaven and who goes to hell rests solely with God. In fact, you, by assuming to pronounce the judgement yourself, put yourself in danger of hell fire. Is it possible this is an example of you practicing the Doctrine of Jesus where he said to love your enemies?


03/20/2012 05:45:49 PM

I totally agree 110% with oheggy and pmksou comments!


03/20/2012 03:48:35 PM

If anyone tries to defile what God has blessed, he/she is a fool! They are not Christians and they don't believe in God or any God for that matter. They don't attack Muslims because Muslims don't believe in God. They believe in a God called Allah. Indians believe in Buddha. Atheists do not believe in any God and they are headed straight to Hell.


03/20/2012 03:24:27 PM

I totally agree with oheggy comments.


03/20/2012 02:33:57 PM

Apparently they must believe there is a GOD, otherwise they would not try to undo the Blessing. How stupid they present them themselves. Why only attack Christians? , if they don't believe in any God why do they not attack Muslim Holy days ? Seems they are the Bigots. But we will continue to pray for the LOST, they can't stop us from doing that for them. God Bless Them!!


03/20/2012 02:03:21 PM

I have to laugh....they think the power of God can't trump the "unholy water" thing?.....I wonder how close they are to Disneyworld where everything is "Make beieve"