Turning the other cheek works for little town battling atheist outsider

The out-of-towner who had threatened to sue over their nativity scene was stricken blind. But nobody cheered. Instead, they pitched in to help him out.

Turning the other cheek seems to be working in little Athens, Texas.

It seems a big-city atheist heard that they had a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn last winter, according to MSNBC News. So, he drove five hours to Athens to threaten county officials that if they did it again, he would sue. The result was outrage.

A protester at the "Rally for the Nativity"

Nationwide, America has gotten used to such outsiders forcing anything Christian out of public view – so much that it is almost assumed by some that it’s just a matter of time until every symbol of faith is obliterated from the American landscape.


Nevertheless, when such an intruder shows up and proclaims the star has to come down off of the water tower or that the crosses in the cemetery offend him or that your children have to quit reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the sense of helplessness is overpowering. In the courts, the demand of one seems to supersede the wishes of the vast majority – never mind that there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing a right not to be offended by somebody else’s faith.

So, it was that taxi driver Patrick Greene of San Antonio, Texas, drove 297 miles to the Dallas suburb of Athens and announced that he was offended by the town’s nativity scene – and would launch a costly lawsuit if they ever put it on display again. The locals were livid that he would stick his nose into their town’s traditions and faith.

Television coverage of the protest

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Rob Kerby, Senior Editor
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