School bans God from "We Are The World" concert

Yet another fearful public school music teacher removes all references to the Almighty from the 1985 Michael Jackson-Lionel Richie-Quincy Jones fund-raiser anthem.


04/29/2012 10:03:18 AM

If you ban/deny God , He can deny you. What's ging to happen when it comes time for us to go into heaven? God doesn't have to let you in because you denied Him. You don't let haters in yor house do you?


04/28/2012 07:46:24 AM

I think it is HORRIBLE for a school to ban God from "This Is The World" concert! He created this world in case you didn't know that. We are SUPPOSED to be His children - are we! I feel sorry for this school's band and I think the school is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!