Are U.S. colleges hostile to Christian students?

So, how tough is it on college campuses these days for Christian students? Pretty grim, as evidenced by lawsuits colleges keep losing -- in which they are charged with blatant religious discrimination.


04/22/2012 09:05:52 PM

It looks like many of these "Christians" are confusing their personal moral and political positions as part of Christianity. For instance, those wishing to exclude people who are positive about homosexuality forget that Episcopalians have an openly gay bishop and that several hundred Methodist ministers have gone on record as being willing to perform homosexual marriages. So the author's assertion that the Bible is against homosexuality and homosexual marriage is not the "fact" that is assserted. Having non-Christians join "Christian" groups is consistent with Jesus' ministry. Jesus associated with anyone, good Jews or not. And the idea that a non-Christian can't do good works -- such as providing legal aid (as the Dean used as an example) -- goes against the parable of the Good Samaritan. So it appears to me that the "Christians" are not following the teachings of Christ.


04/15/2012 06:15:42 PM

Sounds like many of these Christian groups have moved beyond worship and bible studies. At the point where campus Christian groups start to resemble political hate groups, it is in the best interest of public education to curtail such groups.


03/23/2012 11:54:12 AM

On the evening of 3.17 and with subliminally intractable pride, an obliquely oblivious namesake of Dionysus, son of Zeus, has posted the statistic that each of 93% of those-who-surely-know-better-than-their-intellectual-underlings is an atheist, ... an anthropocentric title which empirically entails the complete closure of intellect to even the slightest probability of the existence of any overarching intelligent power transcending their own. If these scientists are as in tune with the underlying truths of the universe as they would have us believe, then it is must be an absolute fact therefore that, unless something is ultimately perceptible in one empirical way or another to the all encompassing perceptual powers of humanity, then it surely does not exist. Since, other than by way of inferences drawn of sentiment, there is no purely empirical evidence adducible to the existence of a soul, the aforementioned poster should be happy in the knowledge that he is soulless. I too am happy.


03/17/2012 06:09:19 PM

This is like asking if baseball and tennis are in conflict. Religion is based on authority and science is based on evidence. It is important to remember that a recent survey by Scientific American of the membership of The American Academy of Science, a group of the most distinguished scientists by invitation only, found that 93% said they were atheists. For religion to be deeply believed, one must be indoctrinated at an early age before one has the ability to think critically. Some authorities have called this child abuse.


03/17/2012 02:06:30 PM

Are Christian students hostile to US colleges? Public Universities are public. Private/religious universities are private. Pick the place that suits your needs. Don't expect a public institution to discriminate in your favor. I would like to see religious groups on public campuses invite people of other faiths to join them and to look for what they might share in common.


02/22/2012 08:03:22 PM

The answer is to send your kids to Christian colleges/universities - Catholics alone number 70 million in America, add the rest of the Christians and even if only 25 to 50 percent do this it will financially hurt the bigotted colleges/universities. And Christian schools, from pre K to the top levels do a far better job for a lot less money! Let the left and the Muslims rot!


02/22/2012 09:50:49 AM

Can there be a KKK group that excludes African Americans? Can there be a men's club that excludes women? This is not a religious freedom issue - it's a freedom issue. Any group that excludes based on discriminatory factors is wrong and needs to be stopped. College is the time to hear other views, learn how to get along with others & understand differences. I am so tired of hearing about "Christian Discrimination". Go to any church you want to, pray to whatever God you want to,whenever you want to, no one is stopping you. Just don't pretend you are a better person or have the right to demand that I, or any other human must acknowledge & approve your choices. And don't think you are a better American or try to make your beliefs our laws.


02/18/2012 02:31:39 PM

My experience tells me that Christians have, FOR CENTURIES, imposed their religious views on others. ALWAYS. PERIOD. Their god is the best, their faith is the best, blah blah blah. True or not, everyone had to agree with that. Missionaries were sent to the four corners of the earth to preach to everyone that their God was the best and that if you didn't believe in him, you were just plain stupid, doomed, hopeless, even evil. There was a total disregard of other cultures, other traditions, other ways of life. These days, the Muslims are doing the same. The Christians didn't like it, of course, because, for a change, others were doing the preaching. It is never nice to have to hear someone else's preaching, especially if it not asked for. Hopefully the Christians will learn that others ARE ALLOWED to believe in the Supreme Being IN THEIR OWN WAYS. Does that have anything to do with this article? Well, if anyone has to talk about DISCRIMINATION, now I wonder who started what? Christians FINALLY HAVE TO LEARN that THEIR FAITH IS NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE's. Needless to say, I am on the side of the homosexual. (Oh by the way, homosexuality is NOT a sin, but begins long before the birthing process, and has absolutely nothing to do with ethics or morals. On the other hand, those who abuse homosexuals, whether it be physical, verbal or emotional, are just as guilty of abuse in general as are plain ordinary rapists.) If a Christian school or choir or club or hang-out wants to refuse entrance to everybody who is not like them, and thinks that everyone will convert just so as to be able to join their bandwagon, think again. As for "religious views being grounded in reality" ... that is a good example of what the dictionary calls a CONTRADICTION. Please, let's make one thing clear -- "religious views", as you call them, are all between the ears. We like to think up (another word is "invent") the reality we wish to surround ourselves with. Deep down, ALL MEN ARE EQUAL ... and that is what the Christians are afraid to see. Because you see, if that is true, they will realize that they have absolutely no right at all to put themselves and their faith on a pedestal they way they have been doing since the birth of the Holy Roman Empire. Oh yeah ... same goes for the Muslims these days. After all, all is fair in love and war, and religions.


02/16/2012 03:22:04 PM

'We don’t want to have personal religious views intrude on good decision-making on this campus.' ... Well if we believe our religious views to be grounded in reality (... which is inevitable; otherwise, they wouldn't be our religious views ...), then from our vantage point, they couldn't possible "intrude on 'good' decision-making". 'I’m not going to impose my beliefs on others, not going to do it.' If you believe that "personal religious views intrude on good decision-making", and therefore attempt to silence anyone with the "audacity" to implement their religious views when decision-making on campus, then you are doing just that, Professor McCarty (i.e., imposing your utterly ridiculous beliefs on others). Seriously, this is not that hard to figure out. You sure as hell don't need a doctorate to figure it out. Where in creation do they find all of these effete snobs??