Why the buzz over Obama’s mysterious executive order?

Why all the chatter on Twitter, the Drudge Report, the Huffington Press and all the conservative websites? Did Obama declare martial law?

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“So what is in this document?” asks Dougherty. “It’s based in part on

the Defense Production Act of 1950, which mobilized America for the Korean War.

During the Korean War, President Truman signed a similar executive order

“Basically that law granted the Executive branch of government broad authority in the economy: to compel businesses to sign contracts to produce goods for the national defense, to set wage and price controls, especially on raw materials, and to even requisition property that might be useful for national defense.

“The Act,” writes Dougherty, ”has been reauthorized and passed through Congress many times, most recently in 2008 by President Bush, who had previously re-authorized it in 2003. President Clinton did the same in 1994.”

Bill Clinton signed a similar executive order

However, this time, it has caused enormous concern:

“President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order on March 16 giving the White House absolute control over all the country’s natural resources in case of a natural disaster or during a time of war,” writes Joe Wolverton for the right-of-center New American magazine. “In the order, the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, the President granted to himself the authority to approve the dispensing of all domestic energy, production, transportation, food, and water supplies as he deems necessary to protect national security.”


The Executive Order “also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill ‘labor requirements’ for the purposes of national defense,” notes Brandon Turbeville of the website Global Research. “Not only that, but the authority claimed inside the Executive Order does not only apply to National Emergencies and times of war. It also applies in peacetime.”

Chris Kitze of the website Before It’s News, explains: “This Executive Order was posted on the WhiteHouse.gov web site on Friday, March 16, 2012, under the name National Defense Resources Preparedness.

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Rob Kerby, Senior Editor
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