Should America be a Christian nation?

Britain is officially a Christian nation. Because it is, America is not. That distinction was intentional because America's founders had chaffed under the abuses of a state faith. However, it is a serious mistake to believe America's founders were anti-Christian.

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In the British press, Dr. Pullicino’s charges eclipsed another doctor’s story – British Dr. Richard Scott who lost his appeal against the UK’s General Medical Council, which reprimanded him for sharing his Christian faith with a patient. The council ruled that Dr. Scott had

overstepped the line” when he urged a suicidal 24-year-old patient to give Christianity a chance.

Dr. Richard Scott

“The man was depressed, and had left his own faith,” Dr. Scott told Cristina Odone of the Telegraph newspaper. “So I told him, ‘You may find that Christianity offers you something that your own faith did not.’”


Dr. Scott’s appeal, reported Odone, “was quashed Thursday, after a four-day hearing that his counsel, Paul Diamond, called ‘Stalinist.’

“It was as if I had stepped into a secret court, with the witness, Patient A, never appearing,” Dr. Scott told Odone. “He remained a faceless accuser.’”

The physician said he could not overcome the government panel’s ”bias against me” and his Christian faith. “The same council that allows doctors to promote the healing effects of homoeopathy, chiropractic and reiki, also known as palm healing — which are all unsupported by Western, evidence-based medicine, but are backed by belief systems – has banned the mere mention of faith and prayer in a consultation,” noted Odone. “Yet, as Dr Scott points out, the medical impact of prayer has been proved in a number of scientific studies.

“‘Christians recover 70 per cent faster,’ he says. ‘They’re also less likely to get depressed. In America, medical schools have even introduced spirituality and health courses because they recognize the significant role of faith as part of therapy.’”

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Rob Kerby, Senior Editor
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