Why National Politics are Largely Irrelevant to Your Personal Reality

In this year of political frenzy, a seemingly endless election cycle, and dogmatic opinions on both sides of the political aisle, I’m going to make a bold assertion: what happens in the political world will be largely irrelevant to your personal reality.

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Think about your own life: if you’re reading this, you’ve probably been alive in periods when both a Democrat and a Republican has been in power. Has the trajectory of your life really changed that much in either case? Have your relationships, your passions, your inspirations, and your goals been significantly altered? No Democrat or Republican politician can save you from yourself, or can shift your energy for you. For all the angst and anger about our national politics and who wins, the truth is, it’s not really affecting your ability to create your own personal reality. You can choose to be happy, healthy, and successful through your personal choices. And it’s these choices that are the true, effective catalysts in creating the changes you seek and the life you want. Not the speech that some guy in Washington gave on election night.

Dr. Kulkarni is a licensed physician in New York City and has been an avid practioner of meditation, spirituality, and mind-body medicine for over 10 years. Learn more at Leveraging Thought.

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Dr. Kulkarni
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