Social Justice: The Intersection of Religion and Politics

Beliefnet’s At Intersection of Faith and Culture blogger Jack Kerwick looks at the ways in which faith and politics, the public and the private, relate to one another.


03/10/2012 11:50:55 AM

As a recovering agnostic who finally joined the Church in recent years, the issue should stand on it's own merit, regardless of who's "banging the drum", many of who weren't involved in "peterast priest" cover-ups, mind you. As to Catholic Charities & the mega-bux ($100 bil), the government gets just as much out of the deal, being able to cut so much red tape and getting more bang out of each dollar (... and now coercion to boot!). Equating disdain at the notion of mandatory coverage of chemical contraception for recreational 'guilt-free' sex with "imposing a religious dictatorship" is utterly ridiculous. I can't even begin to fathom how warped this logic is. The "healthcare" mandate is social engineering of the worst kind, tantamount to imposing social doctrine on all US citizens, most of whom don't even agree with the mandatory policy. ... But thank goodness nobody here resorted to "Fire 'n' brimstone" quackery for those' lost souls' who don't see the divine wisdom embedded in mandatory free-contraception provision, much of which will be used to curtail the 'risk' of pregnancy via fornication ...


03/08/2012 05:15:54 PM

Garry Wills, a respected author and winner of the Latere Medal, a Catholic, has portrayed the Bishop's stance, and the soulless conservative Protestants like them, as hypocrites who wish to impose a religious dictatorship. I use him as an authority, but my own feeling about this issue is that it is an excuse for more partisan politics. Furthermore, I am certain that many "Christians" with the agenda such as the writer of this article, are in for a surprise when they meet their Maker. As for any further discussion regarding the fine points of the writer's argument, I demurr. There is only so far I can stoop to dialogue with political quackery and religious fraud. I hope there is room for all kinds of people in Heasven-Jesus promised the Last Judgement would be a surprise. I will refrain from wishing that such as write articles like this spend a long sojourn in Hell. Let us say then, God bless you, and be done with it.


03/07/2012 05:24:54 AM

I am sorry, but as a recovering Catholic, who left the Church because of its "overreach" and hypocrisy on many issues and attendant lack of moral authority, I would take this argument a lot more seriously if the Catholic Charities didn't already rely on federal dollars and if the Church had come out strongly against its sins in covering up sexual abuses and marching and shouting loudly against war, poverty, inequality and the death penalty as pro-life issues - as piously as it parades its anti-choice stance.